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2007: What is your destiny?

Astrologer Manjula Pieris
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The year 2007 has dawned. Will your hopes and aspirations be realised in the current year? Here astrologer Manjula Pieris, gives a brief forecast for the country and how each Lagna would fare during this new year.

This is a year of Bhedanamadhari Sarvajith in the first centenary of the Brahma Yuga of Vishnu Vinshathiya. In this year there will be heavy showers which would fill the lakes, rivers and ponds in the country with pure and clean water. There'll be a bountiful harvest of crops and fruits. Signs of prosperity for the country is indicated for the current year. The state will be ruled in a prosperous manner.

However the public will not be satisfied owing to the prevalence of vice and corruption. Prosperity will dawn in the country owing to the exploration of oil and other treasures such as gem stones mined from the earth. The economy will boom due to such discovery.

In the meantime the state will encounter enemy activities from time to time, but will face such problems gallantly. There will be development activity in the construction spheres such as in road and buildings.

Mesha (Aries) - The Lagna Lord Mars (Kuja) combines with Jupiter (Guru) in the eighth place of your chart bringing you heavy expenditure and disappointments. Restlessness tends to prevail in the whole year through. Firm decision could not be arrived at due to this state of mind.

You will be found fault for the mistakes of others. Guard against this.The unmarried will have the chance of meeting their destined partners. You will be endowed with ancestral property effortlessly.

Vrushabha (Taurus) - The Lagna Lord Venus (Sikuru) combines with Mars (Kuja) and Jupiter (Guru) in your seventh house in this year. A very prosperous and joyous year. You will be blessed with fortunate children, if you are expecting to have this year.

If you are engaged in sports this is a favourable year for you. Good year to own new vehicles. New job opportunities are shown. The money you lent to someone will be reimbursed. But you tend to face property matters during mid year. Therefore if you are hoping to buy a plot of land, it's better to think twice.

Mithuna (Gemini) - The Lagna Lord Mercury (Buddha) will combine with Sun (Ravi) in your seventh house. Mars (Kuja) and Jupiter (Guru) will be in the sixth house. You tend to face unexpected problems and disappointments. Avoid hasty decisions as they might affect your future adversely.

Beware of enemy activities against you. You will incur expenses in respect of your maternal relatives. Problems in your marital life is indicated. Hence act wisely and patiently all the time.

Kataka (Cancer) - The Lagna Lord Moon (Chandra - Sandu) in the eleventh house and the Jupiter (Guru) and Mars (Kuja) are in the fifth house. You will achieve your goals despite hardship. You will end the two years of Saturn (Shani) Erashtaka period in the middle of this year, giving you tremendous relief to your surprise.

Your will earn recognition wherever you go. But you tend to confront problems with superiors in your work place, so be mindful. Good for love affairs. Blessings of elders could be expected.

Sinha (Leo) - The Lagna Lord Sun (Ravi) is with Mercury (Buddha) in the fifth house while the Saturn (Shani) in the first house. Jupiter (Guru) and Mars (Kuja) in the fourth house. Beware of secret enemy activity.

The work load will increase. But if you be patient and work cautiously you would be able to diminish the adverse results. You will develop new ideas and aspirations throughout the year, but would have to tire a lot to make them fruitful. Exercise caution due to prevailing Saturn (Shani) Erashtaka period. Wearing a 'Kakanil' (blue sapphire) and observing religious rites is beneficial to ward of evil effects.

Kanya (Virgo) - The Lagna Lord Buddha is with Sun (Ravi) in the fourth house. Jupiter (Guru) and Mars (Kuja) are in the third house. Resentment at home. You will long to go on pilgrimage and on vacation to distant places which will enhance you with new acquaintanceships.

You will involve in religious activities a lot. You tend to come across distinguished persons. But there will be disturbances in your daily routine. You might experience that some old ailment of yours is getting healed while a new ailment tends to raise its head. Conduct a good religious life to avoid the evil effects.

Thula (Libra) - The Lagna Lord Venus (Sikuru) is in the fourth house while Jupiter (Guru) and Mars (Kuja) are in the second house. Saturn (Shani) has come to the eleventh house. We can predict that Libra is the luckiest among all the twelve Lagnas during this year. Promotions in the career is indicated.

You will experience new relatives coming to your place. This year will be a very favourable year for you with lots of prospects and happiness. New ideas and aspirations of yours will be fruitful.

Promotions in the working place is indicated. You would go on trips to distant places. There will be marriage prospects for unmarried Libras. Deposited wealth will increase.

You will either buy or get elegant attires for yourself. However this is a year which would give you a lot of space to go for your aims and targets.

Vrushika (Scorpio) - The Lagna Lord Mars (Kuja) is with Jupiter (Guru) in the first house. You will earn respect from all walks of society. Marriage prospects are indicated for unmarried Scorpios. You will have the courage to face any kind of problematic situation in life. Since a financial loss is indicated pay extra caution if you hope to invest in purchasing.

An important friendship is likely to develop. You will be loaded with good news coming from all over. New ventures for higher studies and exploration in new subjects are indicated.

Dhanu (Sagittarius) - The Lagna Lord Jupiter (Guru) is with Mars (Kuja). Sun (Ravi) and Mercury (Buddha) are in the twelfth house. Since the bad Saturn (Shani) Ashtamaka Erashtaka period is over with the dawn of the new year you would feel immense tranquillity hereafter. But from time to time you tend to feel restless. All what you intend to do would be fruitful.

Association with educated and intelligent people is shown. Good for wealth. You will be in party mood and happiness will prevail the year through. There will be a big change in your life for betterment. You will experience all this gradually after the mid of this year.

Makara (Capricorn) - The Lagna Lord Saturn (Shani) is in the eighth house. Jupiter (Guru) and Mars (Kuja) are in the eleventh house. Good for gains. But since the Saturn (Shani) Erashtaka period has commenced from this year there'll be grief and unhappiness throughout.

Ailments, sudden loss of temper and separation from loved ones are indicated. Expenditure will be more than gains. Restlessness of the mind. Ailments in the legs are shown. However there will be a slight relief by the end of the year. Wearing a 'Kakanil' (blue sapphire) and observance of religious rites is beneficial to ward off evil effects.

Kumbha (Aquarius) - The Lagna Lord Saturn (Shani) is with Kethu in the seventh house. Jupiter (Guru) in the tenth house. Elevation in the career and gain in prestige, honour, happiness and wealth is indicated. Lottery luck, courage, success in exams and new educational opportunities are shown.

Involvements in secretive affairs will bring disrepute. Hence, restraint should be exercised in such matters.

Meena (Pisces) - The Lagna Lord Jupiter (Guru) is in the ninth house. Sun (Ravi) and Mercury (Buddha) are in the tenth house. This is a period where you will be able to exhibit your talents. Relationship between spouses will be strengthened. Able to attend to your work with ease.

Trips to distant places and profit in ventures are shown. Good for wealth. Fame is indicated. You will enjoy good fortune in every sphere. You will get an opportunity to participate in an important event of a relative.

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