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NPC and IGP to discuss lawyers' complaints

The National Police Commission (NPC) is to discuss shortly with the IGP, Victor Perera the issue relating to lawyers accompanying clients mostly persons suspected to be involved in criminal cases, when they are summoned to police stations, a spokesman for the NPC told the "Sunday Observer.".

The NPC has received complaints from lawyers from suburbs of Colombo that some police officers have shown resentment and unwillingness to accommodate lawyers when they accompany clients to police stations.

Two such complaints have been received from Homagama and Pugoda areas.

In one such instance a young girl was summoned to a police station around 7.30.p.m. for an inquiry and when she accompanied a lawyer, the police officer concerned had raised objections. The spokesman said they would take up the matter with the IGP and arrive at a decision.

Meanwhile NPC is looking at the possibility of transferring some police officers attached to establishments like the parliamentary complex where police officers have served for more than three years. "We want to give a chance to other police officers who have served in difficult operational areas to work at these institutions. There are over 200 policemen attached to the parliamentary complex ," he said.




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