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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Catholic Sinhala professional parents seek a partner for Medical Doctor son 28 years, employed in a hospital in Adelaide, Australia. He is handsome, 5 feet 11 inches, with wide interests and with substantial assets in Sri Lanka and also Australian PR in 2008. Partner should be kind-hearted, professionally qualified, Sinhalese and Catholic, below 27 years, from Australia or willing to relocate to Australia. Please respond to email : [email protected] with all family information.

Colombo suburbs Govi Buddhist sister seeks educated, pretty, slim partner for her brother, Cambridge University educated Engineer well employed in England. 30, 5'10", non-smoker, teetotaller. Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Colombo suburb BG parents seek pretty professional daughter, willing to migrate, for son 30, 5'7" B.Sc. Hons IT teetotaller having assets now in Australia with P.R. [email protected]

Educated non-smoker teetotaller, vegetarian son is sought for B/G+S daughter, foreign experienced international school teacher (French / English) 1974 July, 5'5" slim smart and pretty looking very much younger with impeccable character owning assets. Horoscope essential.

G/B well connected professional parents, in SL, seek partner for 27, 5'7" handsome teetotaller N/S intelligent SL/US dual citizen son with means, PhD, lucrative job and impeccable character. Visiting SL now. Email: [email protected]

Moor parents Colombo suburb seek well mannered fair slim pretty 5'4" & above below 29 yrs well educated preferably professional partner for professional son well established in USA. Those presently in USA or willing migrate kindly reply full details Email [email protected]

Moor parents seek fair and pretty professional bride for divorced MBBS doctor reading for postgraduate. He is 6' , 33 years very fair and handsome. Call 94-112728306, 94-777667466. E-mail: [email protected]

Muslim relatives of tall handsome 33 years old educated professional resident and employed abroad seek educated well-spoken lady. email: [email protected]

Professionally qualified very attractive slim daughter is sought by respectable well established B/K parents from Colombo for son based in Australia. He also holds US residency. He is kind, very handsome, fair, 33, 6 ft tall, well-groomed and a teetotaller. Partner should be willing to settle in Sri Lanka eventually. Please reply with horoscope, family details to 94-77-4197122 or [email protected]

Salagama Buddhist professionally qualified Australian residents living in Sydney with dual citizenship having property and business interests in Sri Lanka seek an academically / professionally qualified partner for their 25 year son IT professional holding responsible position in the Syndey CBD, tall slim fair. A teetotaller with Sinhala Buddhist values. Respond C/O The Sunday Observer, or email to [email protected]

Sinhala parents from highly respectable family seek attractive partner from a similar background for a Doctor son in late thirties with postgraduate qualifications working in UK. Partner preferably should be in the medical field. Will be on holiday in Sri Lanka in July. Email: [email protected]

Sinhalese Catholic mother seeks attractive accomplished daughter who is willing to settle down in Australia for her son 37 years 5'5" young-looking kind caring personality accountancy graduate employed and permanent resident in Australia. Email - [email protected]




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