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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Government Gazette

Eastern polls and beyond

The Eastern Province is considered the “Rice Bowl” in Sri Lanka, as paddy is the main crop in the area. The total population of the East is 1,419,602 and the ethnic propitiation on the Province is as follows:

The population and the culture in the East are mixed and intermingled. The population is unique and different from other districts culturally and otherwise. There was ethnic harmony and so-existence even before and after the infest of terrorists and terrorism in the area.

Election of members after 20 years to the Provincial Council is bound to bring about revolutionary changes in the lives, economy and the entire outlook of the inhabitations whose democratic and civil rights were suppressed for over two decades.

The Indian model

Worldwide attention is aimed at the “Eastern Provisional Council” established under Article 154 A (13th Amendment) in which a Provincial Council was established with powers vested under the Constitution on the “Indian Model”.

It is not a successful or popular model. It is a “white elephant” and a grossly unsuccessful attempt, but it has come to a stage where we are bound to follow the system thrust upon us due to circumstances then. The political situation was different in 1987 where regional and world powers were different during the cold war.

Unfortunately we did not handle our affairs and foreign policy in the proper way. Our Constitution is rigid and not easily amended to correct the mistakes. There is no practical realistic and constitutional way for us to come out of the complicated implications so easily.

We have to move on considering realities in life, regional and world politics. The Mahinda Chintana has considered the realities and the President is handling the controversial issues to satisfy all parties including our people and the “Concerned International Community”

Remarkable transformation

Today we are witnessing a remarkable transformation of the most feared, ruthless and powerful terrorist group in the world into the democratic process.

The election on the East is of great significance to the world and us. It has direct effect on the geo-political situation in the region and world peace. The USA claims that LTTE is the most brutal and powerful terrorist organisation in the world.

It has a fleet of ships, investments, and supported by front - organisations in the guise of Human Rights Organisations.

USA has declared war against terror and terrorism in which the main suspect and the culprit is the LTTE network supported by rogue and “Pariah Nations” and local and international groups.

The LTTE was blown out of proportion due to our own mistakes and mishandling of internal and international affairs previously.

The Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) is the biggest blunder by us in which areas were specified for the LTTE and de-facto ruling authority was given for self-rule to an internationally banned terrorist organisation against the wishes of the people in Sri Lanka and peace loving population of the world.

The LTTE gradually developed a tiny police force, few court houses, administrative machinery, schools and a system to rule the two provinces.

East liberated

Today the CFA is abrogated and things have changed for good. Forces could act freely in order to free the trapped brethrens in the North and East. East is completely liberated and in the north only a district and a part is infested with terror.

East has been the powerbase of the LTTE with enormous manpower and rich resources, which is now in complete control of the people in the area. Fortunately the LTTE has no control whatsoever in the East. It is completely liberated and not infested with terror and terrorism.

The North is only a baron land depending on robbed and aid received from misguided expatriates. This cannot continue too long as the coastal line is guarded by Sri Lankan and Indian navies. Indo-Lankan relations are excellent. Relationships with Pakistan, China, Russia, our neighbours and the Middle East is better than during Non-Align Movement where we were one of the most respected members of the world family.

Past glory

The President is taking us to the days of past glory gradually despite adverse propaganda by our own politicians with the help of some diplomats, NGOs and some foreign and local media heavily funded by local and international interested parties. The North and east were most feared “killing fields” in the world sometime ago.

There was continuous killings of innocent civilians, clergy, destruction of public property, and moreover democratic ideals were suppressed. Today things have changed. All political parties are taking part in the election and the development in the province.

Two major political parties, independent groups and all other registered parties along with major breakaway factors of the LTTE are seeking a mandate from the people of the east to run the affairs in the area. The fact that the elections are held itself is a victory for the people of Sri Lanka, who are long awaiting for a peaceful end to the north and east issue.

The most remarkable and interesting feature is the solution envisaged by India, APRC, EPDP, TULF, and the World Community is embodied in the process of election of members for the Provincial Council set up under the 13th Amendment after the Indo-Lanka accord in 1987.There is awareness among the political parties today on the concept of the PC system.

Devolution of power

The two main parties in Sri Lanka - the United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party - have taken a political decision for the implementation of the 13th Amendment as a solution to the conflict.

All the Left parties and small parties set up on ethnic and other considerations are for a settlement based on the devolution of power. It is in conformity with the Mahinda Chintana which states that the result on any solution will be based on the wish of the people.

On the other hand except for the Somawansha factor of the JVP, almost all political parties, including traditional and modern Left and even the Maha Sangha, clergy and other civil groups are in favor of the PC solution to the conflict. It is a practical and a realistic solution, which is approved by the majority of the Sri Lankan and International Community.

The ethnic distribution itself is proof of ethnic harmony and integration.

It is little known that in Colombo the majority community is Tamil second Muslim and Sinhala the last.

Sinhala community has taken this up in a realistic way and is living in harmony with other groups.

The Tamil community is the leading importers and Muslims and Tamils dominate the business in the Capital.

It is good news that all communities co-exist in harmony despite sporadic terror activities and provocations.

Now that we have successfully completed the transformation of power democratically, it is time for all the political parties and civil organisations to agitate elected members to uphold democratic values in the interest of the people of North and East, the country and the entire world.

Trincomalee District

Population 340,188

Tamil 48%

Muslim 28.2%

Sinhala 23.4%

Batticaloa District

Population 485,447

Tamil 74.3%

Muslim 23.5%

Sinhala 1.3%

Ampara District

Population 592,997

Muslim 41.3%

Sinhala 39.9%

Tamil 18.4%



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