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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Government Gazette

North East resettlement and development vital

When the `Sunday Observer’ interviewed people on the current security situation in the North-East, a retired Sri Lanka Army Captain Nishantha Devapura called upon the Government to commence the resettlement and development work as early as possible for the well-being of at least 70 per cent people who have now returned to their homeland after few decades.

He said, according to his eight-year experience in the Northern battlefield, setting up of large scale industrial zones with foreign collaboration in these areas is the only way to provide jobs to the youth population.

“Fulfilling the youthful aspirations by starting such industrial ventures is the only solution to bring complete liberation in the

North and the East areas and not from an armed struggle,”

Savithri Rasanayagam of Hanwella hailed the Government for appointing a three-member Northern Province Task Force, headed by Minister Douglas Devananda to oversee the resettlement and development activities in the North. She said all her family members are in Trincomalee and urged the Government to renovate infrastructure facilities such as schools, hospitals, water supply and electricity schemes which were damaged in the past due to the war.

Medical practitioner Dr. Kumar Dharmawardana of Agalawatta said Task Force is immensely needed to the North to oversee the resettlement of a large number of displaced citizens who are still being sheltered in camps.”

Businessman, Rasa Kanapathipillai of Maradana said his native place was Batticaloa.

He requested Government to commence development work in the North and the East in collaboration with foreign assistance.

“If foreign nationals are invited to start business ventures in the North and the East as in our Free Trade Zones, not only the employment problem will be solved, but also the war situation,”

Power station Engineer, Rohan Sirimanna of Trincomalee said that even the people in the East need lots of infrastructure facilities.

“As a resident in Trincomalee for the past five years, I would like to inform the Government that the houses of the majority people have been destroyed by the war and it is the prime duty to take immediate steps to construct houses for them with the assistance of divisional secretariats”.

Undergraduate in the Colombo University, Imszth Noordeen said the Government alone cannot carry out the resettlement and development activities in the North and the East and called upon the authorities to seek the assistance of non governmental organisations and the private sector companies too to help in this regard.

P. Sarojani of Nawalapitiya said: “I know the majority of the children have no proper schools and therefore I urge the authorities to give priority for providing infrastructure facilities”. Private sector employee, Dhammika Weerakkodi asked the authorities to give priority to the Eastern Province and not for the North.

“People from other surrounding areas are now coming in large numbers to the East, especially after it was liberated by our security forces, therefore I urge the Government to first commence the resettlement work in the Eastern district”.

While commending the Government’s decision Executive in a mercantile establishment, Denham Gunawardana wanted the Sports and Education ministries get-together and commence a program to send sportsmen and women from the South to North-East areas.

“This type of program will be immensely helpful to bring about peaceful atmosphere in these two areas. The friendship thus established will help even to stop a war situation in the future.” A resident in Batticaloa, P. Patheepan wanted the authorities to give priority to expedite the work on education, sanitary, transport, health since these have been neglected during the last few decades.

Firdous Pazrook in Colombo said “Appointing a Task Force is commendable and I hope this three-member committee will give priority to broadbase facilities not only in the North but also in Trincomalee and Batticaloa districts where a large number of people will benefit from resettlement and development activities.



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