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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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NCCSL exhibition to help buyers find markets

In keeping with Api Wawamu Rata Nagamu:

The Wellassa Krushi Udawa organised by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) will be held from June 6-8 at the Dutugemunu Central College, Buttala.

D. Essuwaren Nihal Aluwihare

The aim of the exhibition, Trade Fair and seminar is to bridge the gap between producers and buyers and find markets for their produce.

In most instances they produce the goods and look for a market which is not very feasible, said President NCCSL D. Essuwaren. He said the Wellassa Krushi Udawa coincides with President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s policy of Api Wawamu Rata Nagamu and is most apt since we are at the brink of a food crisis globally.

Chairman, Organising Committee Nihal Aluwihare said that an Austrian company and CNT Worldwide have signed an agrement to set up a joint venture to pulp fruits produced in Moneragala without adding sugar or chemicals.

They are planning to start work on this project during the Wellassa Krushi Udawa.

The Austrian company requires 300 tonnes of papaw pulp per annum mixed with lime while a company in Norway requires 1000 metric tonnes per annum.

In addition both companies require pineapple pulp, watermelon pulp, banana pulp, woodapple pulp, beli fruit pulp and mango pulp and both companies need their requirements immediately.

The Austrian company is also willing to purchase any amount of mushrooms.

According to 2001 statistics 5,639 square kilometers are under cultivation and Moneragala is the second largest agricultural area in the country.

A total of 83,425 males and 39,206 females are engaged in agriculture.

The main agricultural products cultivated in the Buttala area include maize, low country vegetables, oranges, plantains, pineapples, mangoes, watermelons and passion fruit. He said that they have invited all major exporters of agricultural produce to meet the buyers.

The banks, finance and leasing companies and sellers of agricultural tools, pesticides and fertiliser companies will take part in the exhibition.

NCCSL is planning to have 60 stalls and already 50 stalls have been booked which shows the enthusiasm. Agriculture professors at the University of Uva Wellassa have prepared a handbook on agriculture under the guidance of its Vice Chancellor, Chandra Embuldeniya, a past President of NCCSL.

The book contains information on the vegetables and fruits suitable for the area and how best to grow them. NCCSL plans to invite guest speakers who are experts in the subjects of quality, packaging and new technology to speak to the farmers at the seminar so that they could enhance their knowledge on these subjects.

During the exhibition, the Minister of Agriculture agreed to sell crates at 50 per cent less than the market value. Essuwaren said that this will help the farmers get used to the crates to transport their goods.

At present the post harvest loss is very high due to the farmers transporting their produce in gunny sacks. Once they get used to the crates they will understand the value and will not like to change.

Explaining the objective of organising the Wellassa Krushi Udawa in Buttala, he said that in most instances exhibitions are organised in the capital and it doesn’t help people in rural areas to sell their produce, obtain new technology or establish business linkages which leads to them selling their produce at a lower price.

This is a solution and as everything is available under one roof it will help the farmers to update their knowldege and also purchase new equipment.

The principal sponsor is Bank of Ceylon while the co-sponsor is the Edna Group.



Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
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