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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Dhiraagu - Maldives in strategic partnership with Microsoft Lanka

Dhiraagu - Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun (Pvt) Ltd., the leading telecommunications service provider in the Maldives, has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft by opting for the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, which is Microsoft’s most preferred offering to its corporate customers. By forging this significant alliance, Microsoft Sri Lanka further consolidates its growing business influence in the Maldives.

A globally respected national telecommunication company, Dhiraagu owns and operates a fully digital communications network reaching every island and tourist resort in the Maldives.

Dhiraagu is a major owner of infrastructure in the Maldives and invests heavily in developing and enhancing the telecommunications of the country, delivering world-class communication services to its customers.

One of the prime motivating factors for Dhiraagu to enter into the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement was to achieve enhanced internal effectiveness via a strong messaging and directory services platform, resulting in strengthened relationships with its customers based on the versatility of Microsoft solutions.

Commenting on this landmark agreement, Chief Executive of Dhiraagu, Ismail Rasheed said, “Collaborating among different business entities and customers spanning across multiple islands in the Maldives has not only been a major challenge for us, but also a critical success factor for our business.

Hence, the stability of our messaging and collaboration infrastructure is key to the success of our business.

We trust the Microsoft Exchange will provide us with a messaging platform that is reliable, scalable and secure, and provides us with a high level of collaboration and knowledge management capability which is key to our business performance. In addition we hope, Microsoft’s unified communications capability, will be a clear differentiator for our distributed business entities.”

There are a myriad reasons why medium to large sized organisations are opting to sign up for the agreement, rather than running blindly from one software supplier to the next, resulting in solutions that are not streamlined and easy to upscale.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement can help to simplify software asset management, make software costs easier to manage, streamline software procurement and maximise software investments over time.

The Enterprise Agreement is Microsoft’s most preferred offering for its corporate clients, ensuring that the enterprise partner receives a retinue of value-added benefits coupled with genuine Microsoft software.

For example, this agreement provides Dhiraagu with the latest software products of Microsoft such as Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for Infrastructure and Directory Services; Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 for Messaging; Microsoft Office 2007 System for personal productivity and Windows Vista for desktop environment.

Software Assurance, which is guaranteed under the Enterprise Agreement, provides a combination of benefits such as automatic new version rights and many other advantages including technical support, software tools, employee training via e-learning and training vouchers and updates on the latest technology.

The agreement also works hard for the company by simplifying licence administrations and budgeting, removing the liability of administrative burden.

Dhiraagu also plans to implement Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003, which will enable the company to better manage software and hardware assets, improve security and enhance productivity using automated software deployment technologies.


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