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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Blue holes in the ocean?

Blue holes which are considered to be virtually ‘bottomless pits’ have no defined boundaries as such and cover huge areas. Offering a fascinating view of the ancient subterranean(underground) world, they often give divers a glimpse of marine species rarely seen elsewhere in the world.

An artist’s impression of the inside of a blue hole

Many of these unique subterranean caves where scientists can travel back in time have been discovered during the past 30 years. The water in these blue holes are said to be motionless; water does not circulate as freely as in most other places.

The temperature of the water at depths of about 130 ft is said to be about 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Hardly any changes are seen throughout the year. The walls are steep until a depth of 110 ft and then divers encounter beautiful stalactite formations (lime deposits like icicles on roofs of caves).

Blue Hole of Dahab,Egypt

Very little light is known to reach the depths of these blue holes where the awesome ecosystems of about millions of years could be seen. Once past 60 ft, not much corals can be seen in some blue holes, according to divers.

From the incredible geological formations to the unique marine life, blue holes of the ocean or inland, offer the best diving experience in the world, say most professional divers.

Some of the blue holes which are popular diving sites or tourist attractions are:

The Blue Hole of Ohio

It was a popular diving site in the past. It is located five miles southwest of Sandusky in Castalia and is the only blue hole which was once open to the public even though seven more blue holes are located in the area.

Blue Hole of Santa Rosa

The water is said to contain lime, soda, magnesia and iron. The temperature stands constant and is around 48 degrees Fahrenheit. So far no one has been able to locate the bottom of this blue hole though many have dived into it in the past.

The Blue Hole of Dahab,South Sinai, Egypt

This particular blue hole is nicknamed the Diver’s cemetery because many divers have lost their lives attempting to explore it. It is said to have fascinating coral lagoons which open to the Red Sea through a tunnel known as the Arch.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

Located about one kilometre from Clarencetown on the north Atlantic side of Long Island, Bahamas, it is the world’s deepest blue hole.

Devil’s Hole, Bermuda

This blue hole, located in a popular tourist area, is said to contain more than 400 species of marine life. It’s not as deep as most other blue holes.

The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa, New Mexico

The diameter of the surface is around 80 feet, but it increases to around 130ft or more further down. The depth is over 80ft.


Three types of blue holes in the Bahamas have been distinguished.

Great Blue Hole
of Belize

Ceynotes - Vertical shafts about 50 to 150 m in diameter which extend to 50 to 100m depths.

Lens-based caves - Extensive system formed at the contact zone between fresh and marine ground waters.

Fracture-guided caves - Vertical, linear systems developed on major fractures running parallel to the steep edge of the carbonate bank. Frequently reach depths of 100m or more.

There are many such blue holes in various parts of the world. Try to read more on these naturally occurring deep holes on sea and land and enhance your knowledge about the wonders of the world.


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