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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Negligence of villages lead to social deterioration - DJ Point Pedro

The failure in fulfilling the needs of the villages inevitably leads to escalation of unlawful practices and social deterioration.

The needs of the villagers should be identified and priority given to overcome their problems dedicated service of responsible officers in this respect is quite essential when the educational needs are satisfactorily dealt with at the village level it will be possible to create an awakening in the society and produce competent citizens said the District Judge of Point Pedro K. Ariyanayakam who was the Chief Guest at the interhouse athletic meet, of Thunnalai South G.T.M.S addressing the audience.

The principal of the school S. Selvarajan presided and the quests were taken in a procession from Kalihai junction to the school.

The Judge Ariyanayakam said; “This village is found to be very backward and the people are below poverty level. Even the very basic needs of the residents are not met. The authorities complain that there is discrimination in the implementation of development programs of this area.

The response of the Vadamarachchi Zonal Education administrative officer to the appeal pertaining to the needs and drawbacks of this school has caused a great shock. This deplorable attitudes of officers must be rectified so as to bring about social uplift and check malpractices and illegal activities. It is the sole responsibility of the educational community to lead the people towards prosperity.

The Vadamaradchy region was once leading in the sphere of education. The eminence and erudition of scholars raised the fame of this region to the summit. But the present declined conditions of this region is much regrettable.

People should not be allowed to suffer and an uncivilised barbaric society should not be allowed exist because of the irresponsible and arbitrary attitude, of certain officers. Unless higher authorities take severe action against such irresponsible officers, the fate of the future generation will be chaotic.

There was a time when the areas of Thunnalai Kudaththanai and Alvai recorded high rate of crimes and antisocial activities. Now crimes in these areas are under control, subsequent to proper measures adopted. Authorities concerned must concentrate adequately to develop these remote areas and resources channelled from the south should be shared evenly.

It has also been pointed out that some deserving schools have been neglected while access is made for other schools, possessing considerable resources already to receive excess of resources.

Such discriminatory tendencies in the administrative exercise result in mis management and irregularities. Conscientious staff officers should not ally with these offenders. Law and order should be maintained and it’s the duty of everybody to render his support to achieve this goal.

Disciplined academic community must take all possible means to crush the disgusting unruly sinister practice, unleashed in the guise of ragging in higher academic institutions. Those who make proud comment about foreign education systems do not seem to bother about the plight of the natives who are deprived of even the basic educational rights,

It is imperative to focus more on the academic uplift of our domestic people. Parents must show great concern over their children’s educational prospects. School Principals and teachers must commit themselves with a true sense of devotion in carrying out their duties. The present student population will be our future generation.

The future of the nation would be flourishing is we bring them up providing them with necessary facilities to mould them into highly intelligent and vigorous men.

The Administrative officer of the Vadamarachchi Educational Zone S. Santhirajokan and the Gramaseva officer of the area S. Paramsothy also spoke. The distribution of prizes to the winners were distributed by the Chief guest.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
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