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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Michael Tissera matched heroics of Windies with classy 102 not out

CRICKET: It was 1961, precisely on March 1st the cricket starved public in Sri Lankan, got the treat of their lives when six West Indian cricketers namely Garfield Sobers, Rohan Kanhai, Wesley Hall, Seymour Nurse, Chester Watson and Conrad Hunte anchored in Colombo while sailing to England to play for their respective counties.

The six cricketers were involved in a one-day game (not a limited-over game) against a Ceylon Cricket Association team at the Colombo Oval (P. Sara Stadium).

Garfield Sobers - a classic knock of 50

The visitor’s team was tagged as the ‘Daily Mirror XI which comprised four promising local players, namely wicket keeper H. I. K. Fernando, Priya Perera, Yatagama Amaradasa and Tissa de Soysa.

A person called Hewson, who was sailing with the players in the same ship ‘Stratheden’ made up the eleven players for the Mirror XI. Those were the days where the players had to sail instead of flying.

A crowd of over 22,000 flocked to the Colombo Oval to witness the match. With the ‘tied’ Test still fresh in their minds the spectators wanted to have a closer look at these great cricketers, and this was rare occasion at that time.

Michael Tissera - a superb knock of 102 not out thrilled the large crowd.

The visitors did not disappoint the crowd who had come in great numbers from early hours in the morning to have a glimpse of these windies who were fresh after a highly rated Test tour of Australia.

C. Ivers. Gunasekera captained the CCA XI and Conrad Hunte led the Mirror XI.

The spectators enjoyed every bit of the match ,and had their monies worth with most of the West Indians giving pleasing batting displays, Rohan Kanhai top scored with 60 prior to retiring at lunch, hitting two huge sixes both off leg-spinner Fitzroy Crozier and six fours.

Rohan Kanhai top Windies 60 and them retired

Then Sobers completed a class 58 before Sonny Yatawara rattled his stumps. The Mirror XI scored 305 for 6, with Hunte (50), Nurse (31 retired) and Hall (44) also adding to the total.

The batting fiesta continued ,and now it was Ceylon’s turn to display their batting prowess.

After losing half the side for 80 runs, Michael Tissera stopped a seemingly disintegrating Ceylon innings scoring an unbeaten 102. Unperturbed by the ‘thunderbolts’ sent by Hall and Watson , Tissera hooked, cut and drove with elegance to remain to unbeaten on 102. to get to his unbeaten century.





Conrad Hunte c & b Abu Fuard			50
Chester Watson c Tissera b K. M. T. Perera	22
Rohan Kanhai retired	 			60
Seymour Nurse  retired				31
Garfield Sobers b Yatawara			58
Wesley Hall b Yatawara				44
H.I.K.Fernando not out	 			16 
Hewson not out	  				 0
Did not bat Priya Perera, Tissa de Soysa 
and Yatagama Amaradasa. 
EXTRAS	 					24
TOTAL (For 6 wkts declared) 			305 

FALL OF WICKETS: 63 (Watson), 109 (Hunte), 184 (Kanhai), 184 (Nurse), 
264 (Hall), 297 (Sobers).  
BOWLING: Sonny Yatawara 8-0-41-2, K.M.T. Perera 18-2-82-1, 
Abu Fuard 15-1-64-1, C.I. Gunasekera 10-0-60-0, Fitzroy Crozier 6-0-34-0.


Sarath Silva b Hall 			 	 0
T.C.T. Edwards run out	 			14
Lasantha Rodrigo lbw b. Hall 			 1
C.I. Gunesekera c. P.Perera b. Hall	  	 0
Michael Tissera not out				102
D.H. de Silva c Hall b Sobers 	  		 7  
H.C. Perera c.Fernando b. Kanhai 	 	17 
Abu Fuard c Hall b Hewson 	  		 2 
Sonny Yatawara not out 	 			13 
Did not bat; Fitzroy Crozier and K. M. T. Perera. 
EXTRAS	 					24 
TOTAL (For 7 wkts) 				180 

FALL OF WICKETS : 4 (Sarath Silva), 25 (Rodrigo), 25 (Gunesekera), 28 (Edwards), 
80 (DH de Silva), 129 (HC Perera), 133 (Fuard).  
BOWLING: Wesley Hall 10-3-37-3, Chester Watson 6-2-15-0, Gary Sobers 7-2-15-1, 
Conrad Hunte 4-1-10-0, Rohan Kanhai 5-0-27-1, Yatagama Amaradasa 3-0-25-0, 
C. Hewson 2-0-16-1, Priya Perera 2-0-11-0.


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