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If you are a gal who's reluctant to make the first move, or a guy who's afraid of being flatly refused, then Crush on you is the right place for you. Or better yet impress your sweetheart by putting your love thoughts into verse in Love Lines. Please send in your love poems and letters to Love, Sunday Observer Magazine, 35, D.R Wijewardene Mawatha, Lake House, Colombo 10 or email them to [email protected]

Love Lines………

Forever to stay

I wish I could cry on your shoulder

And ask you not to leave

I wish I could tell you how much I love you.

I wish you knew how much I need you

Here in my life.

If I tell you I will lose you even as a friend

Then you will leave me forever...

Nisansala Dharmasena

Found true LOVE forever...

Ten months ago, I got my first job soon after finishing my degree. That was so far from my home and I have never stayed away from home before. But I decided to go anyway because I wanted to succeed in my future. I was so homesick, because, I didn't know anyone or anything there there. Anyhow, I began my new life. I always suffered with out my parents and brother. That was when I was introduced to Skype, to avoid my loneliness and I met many friends there.

One day I received a new message Skype with the unfamiliar name. Oh! God, the new person already had known all my details personal as well as professional information. I wondered with fear "who this was? Is this a person in my staff, are they pulling my leg?" I was in doubt. I considered all of the staff members and realized he is not in our staff. But I couldn't avoid or block him. Because, he knew many things about me. I argued and challenged him. I threatened him. Then he said, "No, when you meet me, you will definitely embrace me". Anyhow, we had by then built somewhat of a friendship.

One day I was very angry and fed-up with my office work and I left my phone number and log out from the skype. I didn't know whether it is a good or bad thing. I just did that. Because I was thought to never, log in to skype again. After two days, I have got a SMS from new number. I didn't reply. Oh! God that was him.

He said that he has seen me when I was coming down from the steps of the office. At that moment when he came closest to me, I had been on a call and ignored him completely. So he had thought, "Who is this proud girl?" and has tried to contact me. I tried hard to remember whether I have seen him at the office? But I just couldn't remember. We had gotten closer to each other over the phone.

One day he asked how one says "I love you" in Japanese. I was so embarrassed and one by one uttered the words. "Tho ...te ai..shite..i..masu". He is a cheat; he then, asked the Sinhala meaning of that. I again uttered the words in Sinhala. How wonderful. He was so happy and at that moment that even I could not fathom his happiness.

That was the combination of two hearts. Our dreams came true and I realized I have found true love forever. However, still I cannot remember whether I have seen him at the office.

- Nilu Abeynayake

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