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Etisalat to cover North and Wanni

Mobile telecommunications provider Etisalat launched the country's 3.75G network last week enabling customers to experience fast, smart and meaningful broad band services.

The launch also introduced the Huawei S7 android tablet together with an year's data package.

Etisalat CEO,
Pic:Mahinda Vithanachchi

The 3.75G technology will enable very fast internet access, mobile TV applications, video streaming and video calls. It will further support the latest in Value Added Services (VAS), Billing and all IT/Communication services.

Using the dual carrier technology Etisalat uses a Long Term Evolution (LTE) ready network for the first time in Sri Lanka together with the 3.75G HPSA+(Evolved high speed packet access) wireless network making it the first and all-IP based network in Sri Lanka which has the infrastructure capability of providing a data rate up to 42 Mbps (megabits per second).

Making a pioneer in enabling technology, Etisalat demonstrates an impressive data rate of 18-21 Mbps over and above.

It is limited by the availability of devices capable of supporting such speed.

The Radio Access Network solution is an IP-based (internet protocol) converged Radio Access Network (2G/3G/4G) which is LTE or 4G capable (speeds of 100Mbps in down link and 50Mbps in up link).

"Partnering with Content Watch Inc Etisalat now provides Net Nanny, one of the best parental control softwares that will address security concerns of parents regarding internet access for their children," said Etisalat CEO, Dumindra Ratnayaka.

He also said that this network will also leverage IP offering scalable bandwith to accommodate the anticipated surge in mobile traffic.

Corporate and small and medium enterprise markets could now purchase Wi-Fi routers and other apt on line packages.

The services will focus on providing useful information through their web portal.

It will offer the 'My Page' facility where every Etisalat subscriber will own a personal web portal providing facilities such as checking usage, billing information and online payments.

Subscribers will further get free storage of a sizable 25GB and an email account.

Etisalat's aim is to provide the most superior coverage and become the best service provider in all cities, including the Nothern and wanni districts, said Ratnayaka.



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