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KingsLake to launch slew of enterprise solutions

KingsLake Engineering Systems (Pvt) Ltd., a leading software solutions provider with a strong presence in the country plans to launch a slew of enterprise solutions this year.

Lead Consultant, Progress Software Rakesh Zaveri with officials of KingsLake Engineering Systems (Pvt) Ltd.

Managing Director, KingsLake, S. Dharmavasan said that the company hopes to introduce a range of business solutions this year to enable companies to enhance efficiency, reduce cost and optimise use of resources.

Headquartered in UK KingsLake has a presence in India, Malaysia and the Netherlands. The company has a track record of providing proven robust enterprise IT solutions internationally.

Dharmavasan said that there is enormous opportunities in the country to develop businesses and enterprise solutions to enable companies to be world class.

"KingsLake operates in the East. We hope to explore opportunities elsewhere in the country to enable businesses to increase efficiency, optimise resources and reduce cost", he said.

Lack of operational responsiveness to real-time information has stifled growth of many business organisations around the world. The ability to respond to real-time information is essential for businesses to grow.

Dharmavasan said that it is only around eight percent of businesses that are able to respond to real-time information due to lack of systems and processes in place.

He said that business establishments should be operationally responsive to capitalise on opportunities, drive efficiency and reduce risks in the rapidly changing global business environment.

Responsive Process Management, information management and business applications are key tools for businesses to mitigate risks and enhance performance.

KingsLake and Progress Software, a global software company launched a slew of solutions for the Sri Lankan market to enable enterprises to be operationally responsive.

KingsLake has been a partner of Progress Software for over 15 years introducing enterprise solutions to Sri Lankan companies.

Progress Software's Responsive Process Management (RPM) is the first business solution to seamlessly combine business transaction management, complex event processing and business process management in a single platform, controlled through unified control console.

Dharmavasan said that progress is the only enterprise software provider that enables mobile service providers to gain visibility, sense and respond to events and improve business processes.

Lead Consultant, Progress Software, Rakesh Zaveri said the focus today is on plugging decision makers at every level of banking activity and empowering them to respond to unexpected events.

"Businesses today are focused on being operationally responsive to achieve the highest level of performance", he said.

Progress ERP in addition to bank fraud detection and mitigation delivers operational responsiveness solutions to a range of industries including market surveillance, post trade automation, claims automation and revenue management.

The enterprise solutions cater to banking, telecommunication, insurance, capital markets, travel and leisure sectors.

Zaveri said that Progress Software helps the telecommunication industry to reduce order fallout ascertaining transaction assurance and location based services that enhance customer experience. RPM also offers travel and leisure industry solutions to improve reservation assurance.




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