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Edible canopy

Edible landscaping:

Revolutionary concept in home-gardening

In the past, home-gardens were used to beautify the environment around the house, by growing ornamental plants bearing vivid flowers and foliage. Conversely, food crops such as vegetables, fruits and herbs were usually grown in a corner of the backyard or in a field some distance away.

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Saint Anthony of Padua, the universal saint

St. Anthony of Padua not only studied but he also obeyed this New Law. Not only did he observe it, but also taught it. He composed sermons for Sundays (around 1228) and feast days (between 1230-1231), as preserved up to this day. He shaped the development of Franciscan theology by introducing the teachings of St. Augustine to the friars and founding in 1223 a theology school for the friars which eventually became the school of theology at the University of Bologna.

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The precious gift of speech

The people in general face eight kinds of vicissitudes. They are Labha (Gain), Alabha (Loss), Ayaso (Neglect), Yaso (Attention), Ninda (Humiliation) Pasamsa (Praise), Sukha (Pleasure) and Dukkha (Pain). They are known as Eight Vicissitudes of Life (Attha Loka Dharma). Ordinary people are shaken by the vicissitudes.

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