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The seat of Diety Skandha is the peacock

The multiple cult at Kataragama

Leonard Woolf, the imperialist sophisticate, renowned for his metropolitan cultural outlook, could not help but be overwhelmed by the spirit of the ‘sacred’ that pervades the shrine at Kataragama. The cult of God Skandha, at this forest haven, elicits frenzied fervour from those individuals at the lowest scale in society up to Kings, rulers and the elites at the top rungs.

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Greed, man's worst enemy – Chilaw Bishop:

St. Anne's, Talawila celebrates 251st feast

The feast of St. Anne's in the Chilaw diocese is an important annual celebration in the Roman Catholic calendar in Sri Lanka. Worshippers from around the country flock in their thousands days ahead of the feast camping out for several days to hear their gentle Shepherd, the vibrant, Rt. Rev. Dr. Devsritha Valence Mendis deliver the sermon and officiate at the festive high mass.

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A glimpse into the historical background of the Commonwealth

The world war of 1939 – 1945 ruined the structure of civilised society to such an extent that most of the nations of Central and Western Europe and of the Far East were devastated as if during the dark ages. The search for a system to guarantee economic justice and security was so urgent that some of the nations who had to undergo moral,

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