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The beach as it used to be...

Unawatuna: The world’s beach

The Unawatuna beach is an eco-treasure, that no site on earth can equal. At first this may sound a rash, hyperbole. One could even aver that this is unreined, uninhibited exaggeration, determined perhaps by deeply entrenched personal prejudice.

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Castro’s ‘Spies’

On December 14, 2014 it was with joy and disbelief that the world heard the dramatic announcement in Washington and Havana that the United States and Cuba have decided to establish full diplomatic relations after five and half decades of hostility.

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Notorious women of the world

The stories given here may be true or false, or a combination of both. They are reproduced to illustrate how the world rotating itself can in its bounces throw up some strange and weird characters. Included here is a female who knew what she was doing.

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