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Government Gazette

Appropriation Bill 2016:

President’s Office gets Rs 9.6 b less

The Appropriation Bill 2016 has slashed financial provisions for the office of the incumbent president by a whopping Rs. 9.6 billion, allocating a mere Rs. 2.3 billion as compared to the Rs 11.9 billion allocated to the same office by the UPFA Government last year.

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Think afresh

In the larger interest of the country urges Ranil:

\The people in this country have pinned their hopes on a society where all communities live in peace and reconciliation and compassion takes precedence over hatred. They also believe the politics of brotherhood instead of killing each other,

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Eschew polecat politics – PM

UPFA rebel MPs led by MEP Leader Dinesh Gunawardena who enacted a ‘drama’ in Parliament on Thursday (October 22) alleging that the Chair had been partial to the government in allocating time for them to speak ran away with the Mace.

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