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Govt should promote organic agriculture - businessman

Sri Lanka should develop a organic and fair trade market to provide quality food for the tourist sector, Managing Director, Ma's Tropical Food Processing (Pvt) Ltd., Mario de Aiwis told a seminar on 'Sustainable Food Business' at 'Ape Gama', Jana Kala Kendraya, Battaramulla, to mark the company's 30th anniversary.

Ma's Tropical Foods held a knowledge sharing seminar for an audience ranging from entrepreneurs to food industry leaders.

It was facilitated by resource persons from Netherlands, Japan and India.

Topics such as the Global Organic Market, Community Business, Social Compliance and Global Fair Trade Market were discussed.

The agriculture practices that have been followed through the ages with the indigenous knowledge of our traditional farmers have contributed tremendously to the development of sustainable agriculture.

"In Sri Lanka there are many people living on a meagre income of less than a hundred dollars a month. We need to take them with us to the next stage of development," he said.

The protection of the environment has become a major contributory factor for organic agriculture.

The favourable influence of organic agriculture on environment protection and human health on a long-term basis has not yet been scientifically evaluated to add economic value to organic products.

Organic food production in the local market will result in creating a healthier community.


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