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Edirisinghe Brothers launches hybrid hub

Edirisinghe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd., (EBL) has opened Hybrid Hub, a purpose-built facility for the testing, conditioning and rebuilding of batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV).

Hybrid technicians at work.

Co-Chief Operating Officer, Hybrid Hub, Sanka Edirisinghe said the changes in Sri Lankan vehicle owners' lifestyles as among the key factors that encouraged EBL to begin this venture.

"Vehicle owners have shown a marked shift towards HEVs, and the demand shows little sign of slowing down. Unfortunately, the infrastructure required to provide specialized maintenance services for this burgeoning market hasn't grown quite as rapidly," he said.

EBL has secured hybrid diagnostic technology, training and support from Automotive Research and Design (AR&D), USA, via their Master Franchisor for Asia Pacific - Growth Dynamics (Singapore). Optima Werkz (Singapore) will provide automotive technical support to the Hybrid Hub. The proprietary technology at the heart of Hybrid Hub's battery testing, conditioning and rebuilding was developed by Dr. Mark Quarto and his team at AR&D. Dr. Quarto said, "There is a notion that your traditional workshop or mechanic would be able to pinpoint and diagnose a-malfunctioning HEV. That is simply not true if the workshop is not trained and lacks the proper equipment for hybrid specific diagnostics and maintenance."

Singapore-based Growth Dynamics has signed an exclusive agreement to provide continuous training and support in the areas of hybrid diagnostics to the technical staff at Hybrid Hub. Hybrid Hub's current service capacity accommodates HEVs, but is expected to cater to EVs soon.


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