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Winner: Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was a great Mathematician and scientist. He was one of the most learned men and one of the greatest thinkers in the world. He was born in 1642, in Lincolnshire a small town in England. After his higher education, he became a professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. Sir Isaac Newton is best known as the discoverer of the law of gravitation. The story goes that he had seen apples fall from trees in his garden many times. But he thought nothing about it at that time.

When he was studying the movement of stars and trying to find out why they travelled in the sky the way they did, the sight of an apple falling to the ground from a tree set his mind working in the right direction.

Besides this, he found out that the white light of the sun is made up of seven colours which we see in a rainbow. And he made many other great discoveries. These great discoveries of Isaac Newton enlighten the minds of other learners.

Winner: Floods

A few months ago, Sri Lanka experienced floods that brought misery to many people. Many areas were flooded and this caused destruction to life and property. Many lost their lives and several houses were damaged. People had to seek shelter in safe places.

Many people helped those who were affected by the floods. They donated lunch packets, dry rations, clothes and school books etc. We too gave dry rations and clothes to the flood victims. I hope and pray that our country will not experience such disasters in the future.

Winner: Iím a pair of slippers

Iím a pair of slippers. I have a beautiful design of flowers and butterflies. I was made by a shoe maker. One day a little girl came to the shop and looked at me and gave a smile. She wanted her mother to buy me! I was so surprised. The girl bought me and took me to her house. Her name was Milly.

She had a kitty who was very pretty. Everyday she wore me and took me to places like the market, park and shops. In her room she had many other slippers like me, all with beautiful colours and designs and they were very kind to me. The little girl took them to places as well. Iím very happy to be a pair of slippers.

Winner: I am a broken chair

I am a chair. A strong, comfortable chair. I was born in America. A small boy named Jimmy made me with all his might. He took me to his house with great care. I was kept in the study room and he often polished me. One day when he came home from school he and his sister washed me and gave me a cushion which was as red as blood. They kept me in the living room and quarrelled to sit on me.

They read books on me. Some fell asleep because I was so comfortable. One day Jimmyís uncle who was as fat as a pumpkin sat on me. I broke my leg with a crash. Jimmy came in and saw me fallen on the ground. He collected the broken pieces and kept them in a bag. He whispered and said Iíll mend you again. As time passed I was in the attic but I still had in mind that someday he would mend me again.

Winner: Leadership

We can find leadership in our schools and in society. Thereís a saying, ďone should be oneís own leader.Ē If we become our own leaders guiding ourselves and doing the right thing, extremist leaders who use their power to traumatise people will be unsuccessful. In schools in Sri Lanka, prefects and captains are examples of young leaders.

Their main role is to observe school rules and see that students also follow school rules. Teachers also play a major role in moulding students to be good leaders. Leadership does not mean the power to rule others. It is a noble service that guides followers by showing them what is wrong and right.

How I improve my English

English has become so important for communication today that by improving our English we qualify for a better life. With this thought in mind I do extra work to improve my English. First I follow the age old advice that we must read a lot. Surely it brings results.

Another very useful exercise is watching both Sinhala and English news telecasts on television. We must also practice speaking and reciting poems. I speak in English at every other opportunity I get. I am happy to say that I have improved my English a lot.

Value of reading

There are many ways to spend leisure time usefully such as listening to music, photography, philately and many other hobbies. But most of all I like to spend my free time reading. I think it is important because it gives us knowledge about many different things. Reading is one of the most beneficial activities that man can do as a hobby. Books help in relaxation of our minds. Reading can calm us down and keep us away from distractions. Another reason why it is beneficial is because reading increases children's vocabulary and spelling. Also, reading improves our thinking process.

Reading is also fun because we can imagine what is in a book that we read, like watching a movie. By reading we can find more information than the regular text books. Reading helps us learn about other people's lives, religion, culture and action. And also about our world. So I think reading is a good way to make our leisure time useful.

My Hobby

My hobby is playing cricket. I play cricket daily. I go to the grounds to play cricket. My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli. Cricket is a good sport for all ages. I love cricket so much.

Autobiography of a bicycle

Iím a little bicycle. I was born in China and a few days later we were put into a train. When the box was opened we were in a toy shop in Sri Lanka. I met a lot of friends in the shop. People came and bought toys by paying money to the shopkeeper.

One day a little girl and a lady came and brought me to their house. The little girl rides me in her leisure time. I lived a long period with her. Now Iím a ramshackle bicycle. But Iím happy because I gave my fullest support to the little girl.


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