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Gama Neguma begins work from the poorest village

by Deepal Warnakulasuriya

Bendigantota which comprises of four small villages Galeyaya, Katakepu Ara, Watawana and Bendigantota is to be developed under the 'Gama Neguma' project. The village which is 15 kms away from Suriyawewa town is populated with four hundred and ten families while only 95 families own permanent houses.

Considering all the problems which were faced by the Bendigantota villagers the government has decided to select the village for the first phase of Gama Neguma project in the Hambantota district. Under the project, the entrance road to the village will be tarred and all other roads in the village will be repaired. A playground, laboratory and a toilet system will be provided to the Bendigantota school.

A health centre, rain water tanks and a cultural centre will also be set up in the village. The government has also planned to guide and assist them in obtaining housing. At the same time, the villagers will further receive a mobile vocational training centre with the aim of guiding them for self-employment opportunities. The government has also pledged to grant successful trainees, loans with low interest rates from the government banks.

Agriculture Development Minister Chamal Rajapakse speaking about the Bendigantota project told the Sunday Observer that Siyambalanduwa was the poorest divisional secretariat according to the Central Bank reports and it was the reason to select this village for the first phase of the Gama Neguma project.

The Minister said the project would be beneficial for the villagers. He also said that after completion of the project each family should be in the monthly income level of over Rs. 15,000.



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