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Anarkali - more cleavage, less acting

The film that runs for nearly two and a half hours will no doubt be a commercial hit. Channa guarantees to continue the new trend in local cinema by having breathtaking locations, colourful songs, a storyline that will somewhat fit the locations and songs, and last but not least plenty of cleavage scenes by Anarkali Akarsha.

The film not only lacks a storyline, but seriously needs a male actor to fit the main character Thivanka, that is portrayed by producer Channa Perera. All the credit goes to Channa for his skills as a budding producer, especially for his ability to remain the viewer throughout the film even though it was a disaster. But he should realise that the fame he gained through his silverscreen hits, a couple of years ago is not an assurance for him to portray the main character in his own production.

No hard feelings Channa, but what with the bad dress-sense and the heavy make-up? The film had two pretty actresses, and why would you think the hero needs red lips and an over-powdered face? It looks like popular designer Nilhan Seneviratne has failed to do his job this time. However, Channa, shouldn't you have consulted your beautician wife? If you failed to do so, please make sure you get her help next time.

All the credit goes to pretty Pooja Umashankar from India who portrays the title character Anjalika. The film will no doubt be a commercial hit, thanks to Pooja's brilliant acting, superb dancing skills and of course her gorgeous looks. Young Pooja's performance as mischievous Anjalika living a carefree life hanging around with children in a village, deserves all the praise. Applause to you Channa for your sweet and worthy 'introduction' to the Sinhala cinema!

Other than her usual cleavage and mini skirts, Anarkali (Kavya) has once again failed to do justice to her stereo type character. It's high time this budding actress realises that acting requires skills, and means a lot more than just showing off skin ,whether the character requires it or not. Anarkali should learn from her co-star Pooja who dresses decently (even after her village type character gets modernised) that having a stunning figure doesn't need less clothes to boast about.

Sri Lankan film viewers should be somewhat relieved that at least some of the actors know their capabilities. Sanath Gunathilake (Clifford) plays the rich father of Channa Perera (Thivanka). Although, he has less to play, Sanath performs well, doing justice to the film. Rex Koddipilli too performs well in one of his stereotype roles as the villain. If Rosy Senanayake (Thivanka's mother) and Chandrika Siriwardena (Kavya's mother) had at least another couple of dialogues and a character to play, at least the money spent on their expensive outfits would not have gone waste.

Other than Pooja Umashankar, the next best thing in this film is new comer Narada Bakmeewewa (Gagana). When his senior actor cum producer overperforms with heavy make-up and a pair of shades that he eternally wears on his forehead -- Narada contributes well to his character with less effort to prove that he is actually acting.

Cheers to you Narada for your budding skills, and thanks Channa for bringing forward another hidden talent, so next time we know someone who will replace you better.

Credit should also go to Maureen Charuni for her performance as Subadra (Anjalika's mother) who actually does some skilful acting within her capacity. Rohana Weerasinghe's music has contributed immensely to Anjalika along with the superb singing by Uresha Ravihari, Indika Upamali and Kasun Kalhara.

Anyone who has witnessed Channa Perera's silverscreen productions will notice his obsession to play the role of the rich son of a high society family, who falls in love with a poor village girl. Channa, we have seen enough of that, next time when you sit with your co-script writer Mahesh Sathsara Maddumaarachchi, please make sure to come up with a different and a realistic storyline.

Anjalika will definitely be a commercial hit, thanks to lovely Pooja, breathtaking sceneries and Rohana Weerasinghe's brilliant music. There is no doubt that Sri Lankan film lovers will welcome Pooja with warm hearts and adore her performance. In simple words, Pooja has stolen the limelight.



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