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'Reimpose death sentence to control crime wave'

Pulse of the People by Ananda Kannangara Below are people's comments on the public proposal to reimpose death sentence:

An Accountant by profession, 46-year old Rajiv Perumal of Nugegoda condemned the ongoing killings of innocent people and said that there was no other alternative, other than imposing the death sentence on the culprits.

"Even if few people are sentenced to death, the crime rate in the country will be reduced drastically"

A 35-year old Bank Manager, Gayanthi Hapugoda said "Re-imposing the death sentence is the best solution, if the Government really wants to stop various crimes taking place in the country."

Kamal Jayadevan, a businessman of Kohuwala said that re-imposing the death sentence is the best solution to bring down the crime rate.

" But it must be carried out by the judiciary after a careful study on persons actually involved, or else innocent people will be hung"

A private sector executive Nisansala Gamage said that Sri Lanka's crime rate is increasing daily, therefore re-imposing the death sentence is the best answer.

A public sector employee, Sunil Fernando said "Today society has become the worst as females cant travel alone after 7.00pm without a male escort."

"Therefore I feel the death sentence must be imposed not only for murderers, but also for others who violate the law such as robbers and those who are involved in rape cases.

A young female artist, Nilanthi Madurawala of Nugegoda asked why the Government wants to impose the death sentence only for murder and drug offenses ignoring sexual abusers and burglars by giving them only prison sentences.

"There is no point of sending robbers into prisons, as when the prison period is over they again indulge in the same activities. Therefore these criminals too must be hung,".

Devika Damayanthi of Kirulapona said, "Ours is a Buddhist country, therefore those who are found guilty of criminal activities must not be sentenced to death but given life imprisonment,"

A private sector employee, Chaminda Fernando said, "At least one or two dangerous criminals must be hung, so that others will learn a lesson and on the other hand the crime rate will also go down automatically,".

A 49-year-old teacher, Nihal Galhena said "When Justice Ambepitiya was murdered in broad daylight in the city of Colombo, there was speculation that the death sentence would be re-imposed, and the crime rate would reduce to a certain extent,"

"But unfortunately this did not happen and the crime rate started increasing. Therefore I call upon President Mahinda Rajapaksa to re-impose the death sentence for the sake of innocent people"

A Student of the Colombo University Niroshan Palihawadana said

"I am really against the death sentence, actually the culprits must not be hung, I propose that the Government puts dangerous criminals into prison and mark an indelible cross on the cheek of others, so that anybody can identify criminals easily"

A female boutique owner of Nugegoda, Violet Kalansooriya said

"It would be good if the Government re-imposes the death sentence, or else the crime rate cannot be reduced. I also propose to the Government that if they cannot re-impose the death sentence at least the offenders be given a life term imprisonment"

Nihal Abesiriwardane of Pannipitiya said "There is an advantage in re-imposing the death sentence, as if it is carried out, only a few people will have to be hung, because others will not get involved in such activities for fear that they too will meet the same fate"

Elmo Rajabdeen of Kotahena, said "The death sentence is given by a court of law, but it is carried out on the orders of the President and that's why it was not activated during President J.R. Jayewardene's tenure".

Ranjan Perera of Colombo said "Whatever decision we take on this matter, the final decision lies with the President of the country, so I don't think any President will give his or her consent to this matter considering agitations made by people and their future election activities.

"Therefore the best thing is to give the authority of the death sentence to the Chief Justice or the Attorney General.

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