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Choosing a domestic companion

Even with the hectic lifestyle we have today, many of us find at least a moment to spare for pets. Most people tend to keep a family dog or cat at home. Keeping birds and fish is also quite popular with those who have a demanding occupation. Some prefer to keep small pets such as rabbits, domestic mice, and hamsters while those who can offer space and money, enjoy the company of large pets like horses and ponies.

Most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, and for their attractive appearance. Pets generally seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits as keeping pets has been shown to help remove stress. For instance people with high blood-pressure have been advised to keep fish as pets.

A few animals are capable of adapting sufficiently to human requirements and are said to be domesticated. Dogs are classical examples of domesticated animals normally suited to being pets.

Dogs and cats are common pets, while animals such as reptiles are typically considered exotic pets. A dog is a loyal companion, and can easily trained, whereas a cat is more independent, and as such are not generally trained in the way that dogs are. Both can be very intelligent and can form incredibly strong bonds with humans.

A lot of satisfaction can be obtained from keeping pets, but with it goes responsibility. When you choose a pet best suited for you, always keep in mind that your pet is going to be sharing a part of your daily life for some years.

Your pet will give you companionship and fun and in return you must provide food, shelter, exercise, love, and medical care. It is essential for you to choose your animal with care, being sure you can look after it properly. Here are some facts to consider when choosing a companion:

* The breed\species\group of your pet

This choice should be taken to suit your needs and personality. If you want a companion for a child, a Pom, a Labrador or even a Siamese cat seems appropriate. If your need is a guardian for your property, then a Doberman or a German Shepherd will do. The best thing is to consult a vet and get advice as to what breed you should go for.

* The time you can spare

If your job is preoccupying and takes up most of our time, it is best not to choose a pet that demands a lot of care. For example, an energetic dog needs to be taken out for daily walks to get exercise or a cat with a beautiful coat needs to be groomed constantly.

* The space you can provide

If your residence has limited room, go for pets of small sizes. Large animals such as a pony or elephant is not compatible. For an environment which lacks space, a small built dog such as a Toy Spaniel or some goldfish in a ball seems appropriate.

* Affordability

Consider the thought of how much it would cost to house and feed the pet you wish to buy. Certain breeds of animals need more veterinary care than others and may be in need of certain vitamins. Thus, it is best to ask advice and let the veterinary doctor do a check up of the animal before making the purchase.

Pets can be great fun to keep. We can learn from them and they are a gift of comfort in our grief. Pets are a part of our family.


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