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DateLine Sunday, 30 March 2008





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Dutch Fort, War memorial and Esplenade
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Distorted images - Australian media coverage on conflict in Sri Lanka

When it comes to following the simple rules of reporting on Sri Lanka's war on terror, the rule of certain Australian media is simple. It fails. The media reports are flawed and incomplete. For example, with regard to an operation by the Sri Lankan military focusing on terrorist bases in the North of the island, the Australian Broadcasting Service reported on 9th February 2008: "Sri Lankan troops have killed at least 29 Tamil Tiger rebels, taking the two-day death toll to 44, amid fresh fighting in the island's north, the military said.

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Mobile phones - boon or bane?

When mobile phones were introduced to Sri Lanka in the 1980s people did not pay much attention to them because they were ignorant of their uses. Apart from that the size of a mobile phone was similar to a brick. The price was around Rs. 100,000. Anyway within a very short period of time, mobile phones became popular among the people of every walks of life. Now, we see mobile phones smaller in size and cheaper in price.

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Troops capture strategic areas in its advance to Madhu

Army Chief briefs President:

At the Security Council meeting held on Friday morning, Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka was due to brief President Mahinda Rajapaksa about the progress of the battle to liberate Wanni from the clutches of the LTTE.

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Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Death Acknowledgement - Mrs. Rasiah Annaluxsumy
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