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DateLine Sunday, 6 April 2008





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House Keeping:

How to Tidy Up Your Room

How many times have your parents asked you to clean your room but you couldn’t ever ask how best to get about it? There are many times in an adolescent’s life when many parents order you to do something without giving the fundamental education on it.

A well-made and tidy bed

1. Mattress Protection Cover

2. Spreading and covering the first sheet on the bed

3. Covering the third layer, the blanket for more warmth and comfort

4. Pushing the head part of the blanket up so that the guest can creep inside the bed easily

5. First and second layer of sheet, third blanket layer and last sheet layers are tucked in the mattress of the bed

6. Propping up the pillows neatly on the bed

7. Folding and tucking the sheets gently inside the mattress in a neat manner

8. Puffing up the pillows from the edges

9. Triangle fold for evening turn-down bed arrangement

More often than not, you can’t possibly ask because they would think that they were blessed with unintelligent children.

We at Observer magazine decided to help you learn the basics of learning about tidying your room but also how to do it in a five star hotel style so that even your parents will ask for tips too.

Thanks to friendly Head of Corporate Communications Mrs. Yasmine Cader, we got the chance to get five star advice on how Trans Asia hotel’s efficient house keeping department spruces up their rooms.

The Executive Housekeeper, Mrs. Marsha Kularatne who has over 20 years of working in this field helped us with the basics of making your bed. Methananda who has around 18 years of experience also helped show the basics of bed-making.

“Trans Asia is a five star hotel so we must ensure that every detail is according to the standards,” said Marsha, “There are three types of beds - the single, king and queen size beds”. 100% Cotton bedsheet, blankets and pillows are used which adheres to the hotel’s standards.

The step by step tidying of the bed actually starts at the mattress protection cover which covers the mattress.

This is like a protection cover for individuals and children with abdominal problems. Thereafter, the first white sheet is covered on the mattress which is pulled right down and tucked from the head side to the bottom side.

The second sheet is also then added which is gently tucked in the bed and third layer is the blanket which gives additional warmth for the guest because of the air-conditioning and cold temperature of the room.

“We fold the sheets from all four corners and tuck them inside the mattress”, says Marsha. The last layer of sheet is added and gently the sheets are folded gently to make the head part where it is folded neatly.

“This is the part where the guest goes in and tucks in while folding the head part upwards so that it goes all the way upto the ears”, she said.“

At 5pm we have a turn-down bed arrangement which is when we make the bed for a guest to sleep easily”, highlights Marsha. This is done by taking the cover of the side of the sheet and folding it neatly into a triangle. They also keep the breakfast menu for the guest so that they are reminded about what they can order when they wake up.

A bed runner at the foot of the bed is more like a decoration which is usually required to blend in with the interiors of the room. It gives the bed a more complete look and has to be lifted before the guest sleeps.

For pillows that need proper puffing, the best way is explained by Marsha, “First you hold the edges of the pillow and give it a good shake, then you gently pat and push the top part to puff it”.

In a five star hotel, most beds have from 2 to 6 different pillows to match and if children need more.

Even though having many sheets might be a tedious process and much too expensive for us, we should keep the art of making a proper bed in mind. Marsha advised “If people at home do these simple steps, they can make their rooms and homes look like a five star hotel”.

Pix by Priyantha Hettige


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