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DateLine Sunday, 6 April 2008





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Caring for your face

Samantha Gunasekera of Saloon Moods, Dematagoda describes...

Identify your facial skin

Dry skin

After washing your face with soap or cleanser if your finger feels the following sensations you have a dry skin:

You feel as if you are wearing a mask or your face is covered with something.

Musty appearance of on cheeks, nose, around the mouth.

A deep dry skin can easily be identified by its arid and parched appearance.

Oily skin

Take a tissue and wipe your forehead, nose, chin, around eye area and cheeks each places from different areas of the tissue.

If oily patches are seen on the tissue, you have an oily skin.

Also if the face is oily it gives a shinning appearance even after wiping face.

Face with full of pimples filled with fuss can also be identified as an oily skin.

Normal skin

l Doesn't look oily or dry

lAfter cleansing the face appears smoother and clearer.

lLess problematic

The best skin type

Undoubtedly the best and the trouble free skin type is normal skin. Oily skin has a lot of pores compared to other skin types, therefore it causes lot of damages to skin because it allows dirt to go inside and fuss to come out through pores which cause black heads, white heads and pimples.

Should you always seek help from a beautician to identify skin?

Not necessarily. You can identify your skin type on your own simply applying methods mentioned above. Once you have identified your skin type you can purchase beauty products that suit your skin. Be careful to choose products which are suitable for your skin type. Never use a product which is manufactured for oily skin if you have a dry skin. It will further worsen the condition of your skin.

Another mistake many Sri Lankans do is that they are used to utilise products suitable for some other person's skin type. It is not advisable for you to use someone else's product such as if you use your sister's moisturising or cleanser you should cease to use it and get a one which suits your skin. Otherwise it will cause unnecessary problems.

Cleansing your skin

How many times a day?

It depends on whether you stay at home or go outdoor. If you stay at home cleansing your skin three times a day is sufficient because your face is not exposed to sunlight or dust. And when you wash your face, it is better to use a cleanser rather than soap. I would like to advise you not to wash your face if you are exposed to dirt or other harmful sources. When you wash your face the pores are opened so that any dirt can go inside your skin. If you have a toner or any other cream available with you to apply after that, there will be no problem. Because the open pores are closed by toner and it give your skin nourishment.

Specially remember to remove all make up and wash your face with a cleanser before you go to bed. Avoid applying creams on the face at nighttime because it will hinder the respiration of facial cells.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
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