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DateLine Sunday, 6 April 2008





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Government Gazette

Our fertile land - DAMSO

It was the time
that I was struggling
with my boat of life
in the ocean of society...
I could find
a little
but fertile island
on the way of my life
I waited there for a while
Now I have stayed here for years and years
Becoz its fertility
It isn't a fertile land only
for me
But to many
Lasses and Lads
Their brains, hearts, spirits
were nurtured
by the fertility of the island
Hence they won, win
and will win their lives....
Now my dear,
you will be curious
What is this fertile island?
It is not the wonderland of Alice
It is the wonderland of many
scholars, southerners, and Lankans
It is not another one
It is the merit land of ours
It is the merit land of DAMSO!

To my little cousin Oshi

You give ultimate meaning to the word 'intelligent'
just 8 years of life, but
has the brilliance of an eighteen year old.
You question everything that is questionable.
You make your mother go blank
by your extravagant thoughts.
Always curious and determined to find a proper explanation.
Success is already painted in your future,
your abilities are sky high,
and your energy even higher.
you are special...
YOU, my sweetheart
is a blessing and a gift to everyone around you
and to this world...
I love you

Cursed or Blessed?

Sitting at my desk,
Looking at its cluttered contents,
I stare at the open book.
The words have no meaning
And nothing makes sense.
For my mind is far and away;
Wondering where life is going to take me.
Sometimes, I wonder whether
I've taken the correct decisions,
For life is so unpredictable
That you can never be satisfied.
It's past midnight and all around me there is silence.
Except for a distant bark of a restless dog.
Sitting in the semi-darkness
For only my table lamp is lit,
I stare into nothingness as empty spaces
Fill me up with uncertainty.
Is what I have chosen worthwhile?
Do I have the potentials to stick with it till the end?
A deep, monotonous sigh escapes from me.
Nothing I do has ended in success,
For I get easily bored with life
That at every bend in the road
I have to do something new.
There is nothing stable in my life,
Nothing I love and enjoy except... writing.
But is writing alone enough?
Will it provide bread to ease my hunger?
Will it sustain me until my last breath?
Will it make me prosper?
Will it make me feel that life is after all,
Worth living for?
Will my writing give me a chance
To prove to all those who mock and laugh at me
That I'm indeed not useless after all?
Will it prove to the cruel society
That I do have something in me?
Deep in my heart I know that
Writing is my passion, but is that alone enough?
I know what makes me face life's challenges
And it is my own words.
I see those words thrown back at me
And wonder whether talent is a curse or a blessing...
For if you are both strengthened and weakened,
What do you name it?
My mind jumps only at two words:
Cursed or blessed...

Is it You?

Is it You?
That came in to my life,
Like the wind,
From far away,
That I fell, in love with...

A girl in my Neighbourhood,
A face that is so beautiful,
Who left me forever,
Whom I still love...
Is it You?

Your love is just like the sky

Look at the night lights
The stars are shining with
Its sharp five ends
The moon is shining with
Her beloved relations;
Contributing honey and curd
The night jasmine flowers
Give fragrance and
It blows all over the world
And I convert a dream
In to reality for you to
See through your LUCKY EYES.

Success via Limit

The more innocent you are,
the more trouble you get.
The more patient you are,
the more offended you get.
The more kind you are,
the more cheated you get.
The more lovable you are,
the more deceived you get.
The more loyal you are,
the more discouraged you get.
The more intelligent you are,
the more unrest you get.
The more helpful you are,
the more risks you get.
So, the 'more good' you are,
the 'more bad' you get.
Therefore, if you keep the limit,
You can reach your success.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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