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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Government Gazette

[Love Forever Spoken]

To whom it may concern...

As I lay right here on my bed,
Going through what we had, in my head,
Where did we go wrong along the way?
And for us to run out of things to say,
For you to hurt me like you didn't care,
Though you acted like you'll always be there,
My heart and soul was what I gave you,
And I was a fool for believing in you,
I had trusted you with my dear life,
Dreamt of you as my darling wife,
But something happened with the days,
For you to suddenly change your ways,
'We're distant friends', that was your act,
There are loads of guys for you, yes, that's a fact,
But remember that I was always there for you,
Was ready to do anything for you,
What didn't I sacrifice for you?
Was ever ready to even hug you,
Just like you said on the 9th of February,
Still remember that night I was so damn happy,
During that secret exchange we once had,
Remember those exact words that you said,
"Sometimes, all I want to do is,
Throw my arms around you and make you mine,
I'm not good enough for you, and I'm not saying that to be nice,
I'm saying that cuz that's what I truly believe",
Why would you want to hug?
Then suddenly decide to heartlessly bug,
The endless nights that I cried,
Guess I really shouldn't have tried,
So hard to get something so worthless,
And then you created such a mess,
In your last message sounding really glad,
Saying you wanted to find out whether I was mad,
Apologising for the trouble caused by you,
Acting like nothing was broken by you,
What the hell am I supposed to do,
Act like I'm writing to my baby boo??
I just feel like S@#$ because you aren't aware,
Of the pain that I went through that I didn't share,
The endless nights I cried myself to sleep,
You did all that and expect me not to weep,
You were my wish for my 17th Birthday,
I was hoping that I will be, your wish in May,
Why did you act like you wanted me?
You should have just let me be,
It wouldn't have been as painful,
But now I feel like a stupid bull,
Because I believed you and cared for you,
Because I was so damn crazy over you,
Like I said, I was addicted to you,
And you acted like you felt that too,
But suddenly the world stopped,
And my brain was soon blocked,
Cuz you were the one who gave me hope,
A reason for me to hold on and cope,
And then you gave up on me, for that a@#$%&?,
You must have given him your heart and soul,
Hope he will break your heart,
Then you will go back to the start,
The root of everything,
Then you'll be regretting,
For playing with someone so true,
But there is no point cuz we're through,
"I never thought you'd be the one,
To build me up and tear me down",
sings in
over you
Guess that's what I got to say to you,


- quarius the genius -

A soldier's wife

Tears are shedding
Without any sense
I remember you looking at my eyes
With lot of feelings in them

I was looking for you
Throughout the endless nights
At last you came
But, there's no expression in your eyes
Because, you're dead

You said 'GOOD BYE' to me
Without giving me another chance,
To laugh with you
How could I live without you,
Have you ever thought of that...?

Chathuri Abeysinghe


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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