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DateLine Sunday, 11 May 2008





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Government Gazette

[Vibes Vessel]

May Peace Prevail This Year

With loyal devotion to you, New Year
We seek your assistance with care
Let's have peace, sans horror and fear
That's the need of the hour, far and near

Right away write off the frightening war
Light the lamps of love everywhere
There blooms the bright peacefulness
With redolent of happiness.

Let's live with peace of mind
That's the great fund all try to find
May peace and prosperity prevail this year
For all to live happily here.

K. K. Arumainayagam

To the student

Once upon a time
I met you, for the first time
as my student
four years back

You, like a flower
brightened the whole school
with your warmth
and care

Proud am I of your helpful ways
and words of praise
I want to say
How much you mean to me
all my life through

Seconds, hours, days, months went on
till December, last year
we had a physical separation
through the melody of time

But still,
You live in my mind and heart

Dearest Thisanja,
You're the best student
I ever had

Amal Lakmini Hewavissenti


Sometimes, I think that
I want to die,
But I remember,
Those who love me.
So, I think that
Why do I die?
Because I know that
They want me.
Now I've got an idea.
I live with my lovers,
Till the death comes.

Dilani Elizabeth, Rathmale, Wariyapola.

When I hear the sound
Of your footfall
Along the corridor
The beat of my heart
So as to welcome
Your sight
In my eyes
In a little while


Sixty and Fourty

I believed you very much
You broke my deep trust!
You promised me with fitness
Calling at nightly allah to witness!
And you brought your words
From the bottom of your heart!
Keeping your hand on my head
You promisingly said
You belong to me!
And I belong to you!
Though you are at the age of sixty
I willed you, and your modesty!
Your appearance your kind heart
Above all your promising words
Enchanted me like a magnet
But at last you'd said "not"
Though you are at the age of sixty
I willed to get marry even if I'm fourty!
I thought I'm going to be a wife
After fifteen years of my solitary life
Alas! You couldn't drive my distress
and couldn't make me a mistress!
You said
You followed your religion hundred percent
But you, beguiled a widow who was an innocent!
No use of your two decades dedication
Of the religious works and meditation
All the words which you expressed became untruth
All the promises which you gave me, brought much wrath!
Even though, you are at the age of sixty
I desired to be a spouse even if I'm fourty

Kinniya A.N.N. Ali

Oh, dear brother...

Being the youngest girl in my family,
Among three sisters
I'm being given everything that I want,
But I am deprived of
Brotherly protection
I have no brothers to be proud of...
I see brothers and sisters, who play together,
who quarrel together
That is the affection, that is the love
Of a dreamy brother...
No one can understand me,
I only suffer with my self, without a brother
Oh... Dear brother can u accept this message
Could u please be my brother?

Anar Razeek, Faculty of law, University of Colombo

The life

Relations live faraway
Though spends in mansion
Not a grain of boiled rice
Given to vanish the hunger
Think I should be a goblin
If not a dirty person
Is your life pleasurable
If not is it affable talk
Till my life breath holds
Though not strong as a soldier
Religious celibacy the best.
One takes only the merit
That is the circle of
Birth and death

S. Hettige

Row, row, row the boat!

Row, row, row the boat!
To the 'golden share'
The final bliss of 'Nibbana'
The end of suffering
The end of rebirth!

Row, row, row the boat
Amidst stormy seas
Amidst rocky seas
Of greed, lust and craving
To end sorrow and suffering!

Row, row, row the boat
With the eight oars
The Nobal Eight Fold Path
And reach the 'golden shore'
The final bliss, the final goal!

Malini Hettige


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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