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DateLine Sunday, 25 May 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically / Professionally qualified partner with sober habits sought by B/G parents father senior professional residing in Colombo suburbs for their 28 yrs. 5’4” very pleasant mid complexion BSc (Hons) IT MBA, well employed daughter with substantial assets. Reply with family details and horoscope.
e-mail: [email protected]
OB-8490, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo

Academically / professionally qualified partner sought for Buddhist Salagama sister, fair, attractive, 33 years, B.Sc. Honours + MBA, employed with means. Email: [email protected]

Academic professional Sinhala Buddhist parent seek a tall, handsome non-smoker, teetotaller son with sober habits preferably a Doctor or a PhD between 31 - 35 years, for foreign graduated MBBS Doctor daughter, employed and specializing overseas. She is a Visakhian, dual citizen, extremely pretty, fair, slim, 5' 4" tall with assets. Reply with family details and the horoscope to e-mail: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by GK Buddhist parents living in Australia for their smart, fair, slim accomplished employed graduate engineering daughter 32 years 5'7". Reply with horoscope and family particulars. [email protected]

An educated sober partner, sought by G/B brother for 36, 5'2" pretty, fair, young looking sister BSc (IT) Graduate, Lecturer in leading IT Institute Colombo. Inherits assets. Reply with horoscope.

Australia - Overseas resident B/G parents seek professionally qualified, kind hearted partner residing in Australia with a similar background for 27 years old fair, pretty doctor daughter brought up with Sinhalese Buddhist values, working towards specialist examinations. Partner should be residing in Australia and be of similar background email: [email protected]

B/D parents seek a suitably qualified son for their slim, fair, pretty, daughter, 36 yrs, 5'3", Australian PR Holder, academically and professionally qualified Senior Manager in a multi-national Company with very good salary. A car and other assets available as dowry. Malefic horoscope. Other castes considered.

BG Colombo parents seek for pretty slim daughter 28, 5'4" studied at leading girls school Colombo B.Sc London reading for MBA inherits house and property. [email protected]

B/G parents from Colombo seek suitable partner for their attractive daughter with U.K. PR, 28 yrs, 5'2" studied Nursing in a UK University and working in UK. [email protected]

Buddhist Durawa / Karawa respectable retired parents from Battaramulla seek an educated well employed partner below 42 years with sober habits for their only daughter educated at Methodist College, Kollupitiya, English speaking religious. Age 36+ 5'3" slim pleasant looking unblemished character employed as Banking Assistant in State Bank. Dowry newly constructed two storeyed modern house etc. Reply with horoscope family details.

Catholic parents seek professionally / academically qualified partner, for 30 yrs petite academically qualified daughter migrating to Australia (July). Differences immaterial. [email protected]

Christian parents seek for their youngest daughter 25 yrs 5'2" attractive working for US Government. A partner educated, Christian, loving and caring willing to stay in America. She will be on a short holiday early June. E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 94-11-2726139.

Colombo Bodu/Govi parents seek suitable partner for immediate marriage for their 30 year old daughter who is 5'6" and well employed. She owns her property in Colombo and is a very caring and loving girl who values Sinhala and Buddhist values. Please contact us on 94-776905872 or email to [email protected]
 with a copy of horoscope.

Chartered Architect migrating to Australia seeks partner for early marriage. Govi Buddhist 37, 5'4".

Colombo G/B parents seek two educated sons for their daughters 27, 25+ height 5'4" 5'2" eldest Research Scientist in Australia youngest teacher both hold foreign degrees.

Daughter 21 yrs. 5'6" fair Govi Catholic B.Com living and employed in New Zealand eldest of three with dual citizenship all family in NZ, parents seek suitable partner. Please contact by Email [email protected]

G/B doctor from Colombo suburb seeks educated well mannered fair handsome partner with similar family background for only daughter. She is 27 years and 2 months fair slim and prettty and completing MBBS this year in foreign university. Only brother MBBS, MRCP doctor resident in UK. Kethu in first house and Rahu in seventh house. Phone 94-722249357 e:mail [email protected]

G/B mother seeks academically professionally qualified son (34-37 yrs) for fair pretty doctor scientist daughter 5'4" employed in USA. 94-11-2827494.

G/B parents in Colombo with a highly respectable background seek partner for pretty and slim 23 years 5'7" daughter Accountant in an international bank in UK. She is kind hearted and values Sri Lankan culture and religion. Owns substantial assets in Sri Lanka and UK. Partner should be a professionally qualified businessman, Doctor, Engineer, Accountant or similar capacity. Reply with full family details and horoscope. arachchi [email protected]

G/B parents seek academic professional between 38-45 for professional daughter doing Ph.D Australia. Handsome dowry available. Email: [email protected]

GB professional parents in NZ seek an academically professionally qualified partner, preferably in Australia for daughter 27 years, Masters Graduate, 5'7", smart, pretty and fair, holding a Senior Executive public sector post in Brisbane, for a relationship leading to marriage. Reply with details. Email: [email protected]

Govi Buddhist, professional parents in Australia seek a professionally qualified, king-hearted person from a good family preferably below 38 years for highly qualified, very attractive, medical scientist daughter working in Australia (thirty one years old, divorced, innocent party, no children). All details including the horoscope in the first letter. Will reply all letters and inquiries. Email: [email protected]

Kandy Buddhist Karawa / Govi parents seek for a professionally qualified established partner for their ACS and BCS qualified fair 31, 5'4" daughter presently holding a Senior Managerial position in a reputed private organization. Hopes to go to UK in few months to do a Masters Degree. Reply with details and horoscope. Email [email protected]

Moor parents seek suitably qualified religious groom for their eldest daughter religious slim & fair 5'5" Hijab wearing aged 25+ passing out with BSc. Special Degree in Chemistry soon Insha'Allah. Willing to migrate and/or continue studies if necessary.

Mother Sinhala Karawa Catholic father Malay seek professionally qualifed tall handsome kind hearted partner below 39 years for 34 year, 5' 1" pretty daughter post graduate Researcher well brought up excellent horoscope siblings in good positions inherits valuable assets. Caste creed religion immaterial. Reply with horoscope and contact number. E-mail: [email protected]

Moor parents seek for daughter 32, fair, pretty working earning 5 figure salary seeks professionals or a suitable partner. Dowry available. 94-779197647. [email protected]

Parents Govi Buddhist seek partner for daughter with assets. Research Associate, 38, 5'4" Kuja 8th, residing in New York. [email protected]

Parents living in USA seek educated Catholic / Christian kind hearted partner who is willing to stay in USA for their eldest daughter 27 yrs. 5' 1" fair, attractive, educated, working as a Pharmacist. She will be on a short holiday early June. E-mail: [email protected] Tel. 94-11-2726139.

Pleasant attractive 30 Executive foreign Bank Colombo, reading IT Degree, owns modern vehicle, inherits two storeyed residence Rajagiriya and other assets, brother Engineer overseas. B/G/K affluent parents seek professional partner 1. Guru Sikuru 2. Saturn 12. Kuja. [email protected]

Respectable Tamil Christian mother seeks qualified partner for daughter 34, 5' 1" fully qualified Accountant. [email protected]

Sinhala Govi Catholic parents residing in Australia seek a suitable partner from Australia only for their professionally qualified well employed daughter, 27 years, height 5'1", slim and residing with parents. Caste immaterial. Please reply with full details by Email only. [email protected]

Sri Lankan Muslim parents seek a professional qualified groom aged below 29 years from a respectable family for their pretty 23 year old daughter who has completed BSc Degree. Please reply with full particulars to [email protected]

Sri Lankan Professional Woman, educated abroad, cute, sporty and fit, late 30s and laid back, prefers to meet a foreign gentlman who understands SL values and is easygoing, decent and broadminded, also kind and generous, preferably someone who is very organized, ambitious and focused, too. Please email: mail to: [email protected]

Suitable partner is sought for fair well accomplished G/B sister age 48 looks much younger attached to leading private company as an executive. Reply with full details and horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]

We (S/D) seek a suitable bridegroom for accomplished fair, pleasant daughter working in U.S.A. university. She is 43 years young looking, never married before. She is well educated professional. She inherit substantial dowry. Email: [email protected]



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