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DateLine Sunday, 25 May 2008





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Cecile International Jewellery Salon makes headway

The Cecile International Jewellery Salon is the brainchild of Lady Dr. Sicille Kotelawala, Deputy Chairperson of Ceylinco Consolidated, whose aim is to offer clients nothing less than the very best. It holds a selection that introduces you to a dazzling and glamorous world.

For example, Fior-Drissage (which means ‘Fire of Desire’ in French) is a fine collection of diamond-set jewellery in gold and white gold. In this incredibly beautiful array are heart-shaped pendants, necklaces, rings and earrings.

The Director/General Manager of Cecile International Jewellery Salon, Shehara Fernando said business has been very good since its opening recently by Dr. Lalith Kotelawala and Lady Dr. Sicille Kotelawala. She pointed out that they have both locally-made and imported jewellery, for various purposes.

Furthermore, its central location at De Fonseka Place in Bambalapitiya has enhanced its appeal among residents of the city.

Another advantage of patronising the place is you get to experience the many curious things at ‘Sicille Sulang’ which is upstairs.

Here you will find elaborate furniture imported from India and Pakistan including a beautiful and intricately designed swinging sofa, carpets in colourful geometric patterns, satiny cushions, coffee table books, a sheesha from Rajasthan, tableware and beauty products. It is the ideal place for those with a good aesthetic sense.

When you visit ‘Sicille Sulang’, you can browse through their catalogues and place orders for the items that capture your fancy. You would even be able to order a pair of shoes studded with a jewel to match the piece of jewellery you purchased downstairs.



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