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DateLine Sunday, 25 May 2008





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Government Gazette

[Vibes Vessel]

Ode to winter

The spring has gone
But yet you haven't come
Even during that terrible season
I was thinking of you

I felt an air of your terrible touch
While it was being thought of a way of reducing it
I lost the touch of
That loveble season spring

I feel that you are coming soon
When, my hair turns to grey
Does that mean that even after the spring
Am I supposed to lament moreover.

Hasanthika Samaranayaka, 13-L (Arts) Rathnawali Girls' College, Gampaha.


You were fond of joking
I laughed with you and also I liked it
We shared our smiles with each other
I'm enjoying it still

I told you every secret of mine
And you were a good listener
We shared all our ideas
And you were my adviser

We discused about different things
You made me think a lot
Sometimes I was wrong
You showed me the correct path

We were a pair of best friends
And we worked as one
You are honest, pretty and kind
You made me happy every time

You were my best friend whom I ever had
Before you met another friend of mine
Before you know her and talk to her and
Before she 'll be your friend of yours

I miss you and I'm lonely now
While you are with your new friend
I had to say good bye now
To all our memories in the past

Thank You very, very much
For your companionship of three years
You were my loving friend
Before you met another friend of mine

Manusha, Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya (2007 O/L)

Miss Lonely

At first, I saw you in front of the registrar's room,
while we were registering for an English course
You were with your mother
While I glanced, your head turned aside.

I observed,
Yet observing ... You were reluctant and the face looked like
a mass of thunder clouds had surrounded the moon.


I asked you "are you worried?"
You replied "are you crazy?"
Someone said "you are the only child"
I came and asked "do you feel lonely"

You replied "madness!"
I felt, "you are lonely and in a brown study",
as a mass of thunder clouds had surrounded the moon.


After well introduced, you sat beside me, I gave some tips
But you got that as advice and fought with me
No dear, I never advise, those are called heed, but not compassion
Didn't some red roses bloom in your garden of the past?

You exclaimed, "guess!"
Didn't some bees fly around those flowers? - I asked you, as I found
a mass of thunder clouds had surrounded the moon.


I thought to drive the thunder clouds away - but
you made them encompass me and were happy
Miss Lonely, don't miss ouf friends
who are ready to go through your life pages

My dear, daughter of a wealthy man,
And the owner of two cars, "Miss Lonely", listen,
a mass of thunder clouds has surrounded the moon.


As you reminded, "Life is uncertain"
Yet we must have dreams about the future.
None likes uncertain - even its bitter truth.
Live and breathe love

We all have crosses to bear,
Forget the past, make your future bright
Drive away thunder clouds and light up the moon.

J. A. Daniel

Dear mother

There are so many
kinds of mushrooms in this world.
Some are beautiful some are not;
Some are nourishing & some are poisonous.
Few are beautiful & nourishing;
Just like,
The women in the world
You are one such, the most beautiful loving identical friend, sister...with
lots of
good qualities.
Who belong to that rare category.
Dearest dear mamma,
You nourish me, mould me, round me...
You gave all your good qualities to me lavishly.
You are the navigator of my life's barge
I can love you more than anyone in this world
And I love you forever.

Esala Erangi Malawithanthri, Panadura.

May flowers

An unending voyage
Through smiles and tears
A path with happiness and sorrow
Between love and anger
The world is too large
for a tiny, yellow flower.

The space is there, but no time
Thousands of blooms appear
And they fade away
Only a few notices
the magical charm within
But hardly anybody notices
the spiritual enlightenment

Lying beneath the charming beauty
Enough to uplift a whole world
But falling down
to cover the thorny ground
creating a soft layer of pettles
for the passionate humans
to walk on comfortably
to continue their passage
Holding their burdens of life
Till the invisible infinity
of 'Sansara'.

Of Things Unspoken

Say she is wise
That in her mind are dreams
Tempered strong by other, earth-bound things
For wisdom is past dreaming

Say she is good
That in her eyes lives something
Which women were meant to have
And all women lost, somehow, but one

Say she is strong
That her strength, an inner thing,
Beings at courage and goes on
Beyond, to heights untoughed and clean

Say all this, all else, or say one thing alone
She loves me.

Say that,
And, having said all,
Be silent.

B. V. Jayamini Chetika Wijeratne, Ratnapura.

MY A/L Life

With dawn I woke
To books that choked
And with formulas I soaked
With will I controlled
Chemistry was shocking
And in physics I was sobbing
Mathematics was depressing
Gosh I was crying!
A/L wasn't a flower
With tears my eyes showered
Some people, hardly bothered
With will I discovered
Exam came and went
So did the results that was sent
Victorious I felt
was for which my life was meant

Chandika Yasiru Liyanawaduge, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

Ways to write good poetry

1. Have your syllables, words and stanzas flow.

2. Start a new stanza when a change of idea, rhythm or rhyme occurs.

3. Create natural rhymes.

4. Do not rhyme.

5. Create emotion.

6. Say nothing more than what needs to be said.

7. Write about life.

8. Write about nature.

9. Give details.

10. Don't be shy to write something personal


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