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The correct National Flag

When Sri Lanka became a Republic Government on 22nd May 1972 our National Flag was also amended including Four Bo-leaves (Just like conch Shells) instead of the four parts of the four corners (Pinnacles/Spires) in a Deep Red/Maroon or Crimson Rectangle.

After May 22, 1972

The last amendment of our National Flag which was introduced on 22nd May 1972 was standardised by the Standard Bureau of Sri Lanka on 7th May 1985.

Reference is also made to the correct proper design, dimensions and colours of the Sri Lanka National Flag as laid down in Sri Lanka. Standard specification SLS 693; 1985. Which was published by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution.

It is everybody’s duty and responsibility to identify the proper National Flag and use it correctly.

There was a long debate about the National Flag, in Parliament on 16th January 1948. On 6th March 1948, Hon. Prime Minister D. S. Senanayake appointed a committee for the National Flag of Sri Lanka. With effect from 12th June 1948, Dr. Senerath Paranavithana was appointed as the Secretary of the National Flag Committee.

As a proposal of this committee the old Royal was of flag was amended connecting two vertical stripes of green and orange of equal size to depict the other communities, Tamil, Muslim, Burger, Malay or other.

The committee of the National Flag finalised the revised design according to the new proposal on 13th Feb. 1950.

This proposal was tabled in Parliament on 29th Feb. 1951 and was approved on 2nd March 1951.



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