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DateLine Sunday, 25 May 2008





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Theevra concert:

Fusion of talent and traditions

THEEVRA concert which was recently held at the Lionel Wendt among other things became special for its sheer variety of style and fusion of traditions. Young and talented remembers of the band unleashed their talents through traditional and non-traditional instruments of music as well as their fusion.

The concert commenced with the fusion dance “Bee in the Garden” where four persons portraying the role of flowers while the bee comes into the garden and selects a flower to suck the nectar.

The dance carries the essence of a complex nature of characters in modern society and how difficult it would be for a new comer to this society to find their way out of the labyrinth of persons with their own contradictions and inhibitions.

Here, the bee does not chose to suck nectar from any of the four flowers while flowers compete among themselves to attract it. The next item was a traditional and fusion drum orchestra by Ravibandhu Vidyapathi Ensemble. For this item traditional drums and drums from other traditions such as Persian drum, Kala Bera, South African drums and Sri Lankan bamboo drums were used.

The combined effect was unique and showed in no uncertain terms the talents of youthful players in the orchestra who would take traditional knowledge to posterity.

‘Sankalana’ was a duet by male and female dancers exploiting the pride of the man and beauty of femininity. It was a combination of low country and up county traditions of dancing. The male dancer is from the up country tradition while female dancer represents low country tradition.

For the background music, up country drum and Gataberaya were used.

‘Seed’ is an alternative rock band which played its unplugged version at the concert. They used box guitars. Their songs were composed songs highlighting the under privilege segment of society with a sympathetic view on them.

The four songs were on different themes; love, patriotism and ethnic harmony. Specially the song dedicated to the armed forces and the one on ethnic harmony, carried a philosophical idea whether it is not possible for diverse ethnicities and races to live under one moon and sun on the land stretching to the horizon. ‘Ranga-Colours’ is a dance combination of colours.

Throughout the performance which symbolized the blend of colours drawing parallels with life which is full of colours and shades that can always be blended. It is a blend of colours, traditions which form a spectacular scene with a rainbow effect on the stage.

‘The Journey to the end’ is an instrumental music performance.

It strikes home the message that one should journey to the end notwithstanding the failures and should know the end of if even before embarking on the journey.

This also signifies the theme of the band Theevra.

“Wild and Free” is an item which portrays the emerging order which does not recognise nature and chaos and the heart-beat of that society and harmony is withered away into thin air.

When wilderness and freedom merge, community feeling has been drifting away giving way to individualism.

A composition by Francisco Tharika’ Lavrina (Tear drop). It is a sole piece. Mei Paradeesaye, Arumasi - Romance were the next items which also represented popular music. The young band should be congratulated for their maiden attempt.

However, they have a long ‘journey’ to go in search of perfection and maturity braving the odds. The Theevra is made up of talented youth who play different instruments: Asanka, Jithendra, Nupathi, Nadika, Kasun.

The guest artists who performed at concert include Saranga Abhayasinghe, Dunupa Kodagoda, Rukshan Gunawardane, Kanchana Jayasinghe, Saradha Chulasinghe and Uthpala Iroshan.

Oriental ballet: Maha Ravana

The rehearsals of the oriental ballet Maha Ravana is now being conducted at the John de Silva theatre. Maha Ravana which is by young dramatist Pabalu Wijeyagunawardena, will be held on May 30, 2008 at 6.15 p.m. at John de Silva Theatre.

The ballet Maha Ravana though follows the story line of the Valmiky (tm)s epic Ramayanaya, renders a novel interpretation the character of Ravana. The 40 odd cast includes Kumudu Nishantha who plays the main role Ravana and Wasanthi Ranwala.

A prominent characteristic of Maha Ravana is that the body language and dance has been used as a principle mode of expression without any dialogue. Perhaps, it has its own strengths and weaknesses. When there are no wards and the body language and dance take their place, the ballet takes a universal shape enabling persons of diverse nationalities to comprehend the ballet.

On the other hand, this makes difficult for actors and actresses to express subtle nuances of characters without words.

Enthusiasm on the part of actors and actresses were amply manifested by the continuous effort they put up in portraying the subtle nuances of each character. Maha Ramayana explores some of the missing links of the Ramayanaya which the director has incorporated into the ballet as a result of meticulous research into the legend.

‘Talents 2008’:

Entertainment unlimited

Amidst much enthusiasm and tireless hours of practice to achieve perfection ‘Talents 2008’ came alive with pulsating rhythm, catchy dance moves and rib tickling comedy making the event a great success; a performance by the illustrious students of the Arts Circle of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura who believed in simply making the best of both worlds.

Performing to an audience packed to capacity at their annual celebration of dance, music, singing and drama held at the Maharagama Youth Center last week; these students showcased a fun filled evening of entertainment with a kaleidoscope of talent and many original presentations in trilingual catchy rhythms spearheaded by the musical gurus of the Faculty.

A thirteen year record of successful annual productions was started in 1995. This year too all funds collected at the show will be donated towards a worthy cause.

The breathtaking evening’s entertainment saw the composer, musical arrangements and the orchestra form the framework of the songs for soloists, choirs and instrumental work together with a series of dances sequences of both western and oriental traditional dancing.

As laughter is the best medicine,the comedy performed by the dramatists and members of the staff did justice to the saying leaving the audience in stitches and a bout of laughter.

All in all ‘Talents 2008’ was a remarkable performance and display of diversity and exuberance at its best. Heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the unstinted support extended by the Dean and the Vice Chancellor of the University. Their words of encouragement, wisdom and patience have undoubtedly been the strong foundation of the magnitude of this event.

Sitar recital

A sitar rectal by Visharadha Jagath Chaminda will be held at Indian Cultural Centre on May 30.

Chaminda studied basics of Sitar under the tutelage of his father who is an instructor of music, is a student of Senior Lecturer in Music Dr. Nirmala Kumari Rodrigo and earned his degree in Sitar from the University of Visual and Performing Arts in 1995.

He has demonstrated his talents amply in his chosen craft not only winning awards in Sri Lanka but also for presenting sitar recitals at “World Cultural Open”,a cultural festival held in Korea in 2005 and at the “Signal Festival” held in Edinburg in Scotland. Jagath Chaminda has also presented sitar recitals at SLBC and SLRC ensembles.


Bharathanatya Arangethram of Keerthana and Saranya Sivasubramaniam will take place at New Kathiresan Hall, Bambalapitiya on Saturday at 6 p.m. Member of the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly N. Malairaja will be the chief guest. Chairman of Royal Institute International, G. T. Bandara and Principal of Royal Institute International, Nugegoda will be the guests of honour.

Keerthana and Saranya are students of Kalasuri Vasugy Jegatheeswaran, Directress of Natya Kala Mandhir.


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