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Sunday, 18 January 2009





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Government Gazette

Indian Muslims children pose with placards during a protest in Mumbai on January 16, 2009, against the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Gaza medics said that 1,105 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched Operation Cast Lead on December 27, including 355 children, with at least 5,130 people wounded.                           AFP

General Assembly demands immediate Gaza

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly late Friday to demand an immediate and durable ceasefire in the strife-torn Gaza Strip leading to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces.

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Pakistan Taliban ban on schoolgirls could affect thousands

Tens of thousands of students in Pakistan’s troubled northwestern Swat valley are facing a year without classes after the local Taliban banned girls from schools, officials said Friday.

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Bush a ‘good man’ but mistaken

President-elect Barack Obama said Friday President George W. Bush was a “good guy” who loved his country, but warned he would leave the United States struggling with the result of “bad choices.”

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