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Sunday, 8 February 2009





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Popularising indigenous medicine the aim of Ayurveda 2009

'Ayurveda Exhibition 2009' should not be only to gain commercial benefits but also to help popularise indegenous medicine in Sri Lanka, said Minister of Indigenous Medicine Tissa Karaliyadde, while addressing a ceremony to launch the `Ayurveda 2009' Exhibition and Symposium organised by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) with the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine.

He said Sri Lanka spends enormously on imports of ayurveda products and an event of this nature will help save foreign exchange.

Sri Lanka has a rich tradition of native treatment inherited from India. Awareness on the importance of ayurveda treatment should be created through a national program.

"The exhibition will be an ideal occasion to showcase Sri Lanka's potential in the ayurveda medical sector and promote products and services in the local and international markets", he said. The Aurveda Exhibition is held for the second time and it is an event for those in the ayurveda medical sector to meet and enhance their professional knowledge. The first exhibition was held last year.

Ayurveda doctors, product manufacturers, herbal growers, importers and exporters, ayurveda related machinery suppliers, health food and beverage manufacturers and tourist hotel operators are expected to participate in the 2009 exhibition. Senior Deputy President, NCCSL,Lal De Alwis said there is an increased interest among Western countries on Sri Lanka's ayurveda treatment and this would help attract more tourists to the country. A seminar and a series of discussions will be held in concurrence with the exhibition to popularise native treatment. Recent findings on ayurveda treatment will be made known at the event. The Ayurveda 2009 Exhibition and Symposium will be held from May 23-25 at the BMICH.



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