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WaveNet pioneers solutions to enhance mobile experience

In the near future mobile phones will have unlimited opportunity to access anything and everything with 3,4 clicks, said CEO of WaveNet International (pvt) Ltd Suren Pinto.

pic: Chinthaka Kumarasingha

"WaveNet is the only company that develops Telco platforms in Sri Lanka The Telco platforms are all about reliability as these networks have to handle high volumes and high loads of data," he said.

Pinto said that at all times they have the support of their customers.

He said that " we compete with international players including Ericsson, Huwei. Sri Lanka is one of the advanced Telecom markets in the region.

The country has leapfrogged and it has given WaveNet an opportunity to be in the forefront of 3G, 3.5G and HSPA technology."


WaveNet International (Pvt) Limited one of Sri Lanka's most innovative providers of Value Added Solutions to the telecommunications industry, the company launched its commercial operations in 2001. WaveNet's core expertise lies in developing SS7 and related platforms and solutions, with a product portfolio featuring messaging, video VAS and mobile marketing.

WaveNet's growth since its inception has been linked to that of the local telecom industry. Demonstrating year-on-year growth in a challenging market environment, WaveNet lays claim to a number of significant achievements. The company developed the platform/system for Dialog Telekom's inaugural MMS project and was the first to capture the cricket SMS market.

WaveNet is also a leading provider of 3G Value Added Services, recently completing systems for the launch of Mobitel's 3G network.


WaveNet's portfolio is divided into three main categories offering the length and depth of Value Added Services required to maximise ARPU and service differentiation, supporting GSM, GPRS EDGE, 3G networks, legacy and NGN Wire-line networks. Service providers are empowered to meet the needs of their customers' lifestyles through a completely modularised architecture built on robust, best-of-breed hardware and software components. WaveNet ensures a high level of reliability and availability across all its products, through state-of-the-art technology that delivers inventive, feature rich services to the end user.

He said that at the end of the dotcom boom anything and everything seemed to click. This was the time that we started the business.Our idea was very simple ie the ability to deliver corporate mobile enterprise solutions to help people to move around. Initially we started the SMS based email system from the mobile. It was convenient but at the beginning we didn't understand the power of it.

"After the solution was up and running we spoke to all operators and Celltel was the first customer and they wanted the cricket system.

From 2001 onwards mobile technology became the fastest moving device be it growth or the technology it grew exponentionally and it became affordable and convenient."

The company WaveNet was able to ride a part of the wave by working with all the telecommunication operators. "we at all times delivered value to the customer." The company started with four staffers and now we employ 110 and still growing.

Mobile is a skill. "We at WaveNet loved the entrepreneur as well as the technology and it drove us to achieve growth at all times." The mobile impacts other people's lives in many ways. He said that although a lot of work is involved to develop a solution for the consumer it is a very simple operation. All WaveNet solutions are customer driven and evolves in partnerships.

"Initially we developed solutions to send SMS messages and today we develop solutions to send MMS."

He said that WaveNet started by developing simple solutions and moved to mobile platform networks. "On the way the staff learnt the technology and today we are a fairly evolved company." The Company has also received numerous accolades for its cutting edge software applications. They include:

International operation

Positioned in various markets in Asia and the Asia Pacific, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Malaysia and Australia, the company hopes to continue expanding its business.

WaveNet foresees tremendous potential within the next ten years in the Asian region, particularly in 3G capabilities. In an industry characterised by large players and entrenched competitors, WaveNet strives to deliver innovative technologies in a constantly evolving space.


2003 National Best Quality Software Awards Certificate of participation in the category of Communication Application with the product "Omni MMSC" Special Award for Wide Usage in the category Communication Application with the product "Omni GREETINGS"

* 2004 National Best Quality Software Awards Certificate of Special Merit in the Research & Development with the product "Omni USSD" Bronze Award in the category Communication Application with the product "Omni SMSC"

* 2006 National Best Quality Software Awards Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Council Silver Medal in the IT and other Business Related Services Category

* 2007 National Best Quality Software Awards Silver Award in the Communication Application category with the product "Omni STP" Certificate of participation in the Research & Development Category for the AdLive Mobile Advertising Product Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Council Bronze Award in the IT and other Business Related Services Category

* 2008 Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Council Silver Award in the Information Technology category National Best Quality Software Awards Gold Award in the Communications Applications Category for "Video Suite" of Products Certificate of Merit for the product "Omni CRICKET" in the Research & Development Category


WaveNet is the brainchild of Suren Pinto, he took a simple idea and transformed it into a profitable business venture. Eight years later, he leads one of Sri Lanka's most innovative Value Added Service providers to the telecommunications industry, a feat that was driven by a passion for delivering inventive technology.

Pinto received his education in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Australia. Motivated by a good idea and a need to make a substantive difference in the sphere of Information Communication Technology, Suren established WaveNet International (Pvt) Ltd.

The company's entrance into the telecom industry was serendipitous - an e mail application built for the internal use of his father's company, which enabled users to retrieve their email via SMS, uncovered a particular skill for developing such software applications and a vision of building Value Added Solutions within the telecommunication space. Thus, the potential to create and deliver a distinctive technology at the cutting edge of innovation propelled WaveNet and CEO Suren Pinto into a highly competitive and constantly evolving industry. Suren's career is intricately linked to WaveNet. Imbued with the entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, he envisioned heading up his own business, a goal which reached fruition at the age of 19. He continued to study even while leading a team of up and coming software professionals.

In part using the business acumen gathered while on the job, he completed a Diploma in Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, along the way learning the fine art of balancing pressures from multiple sources.

WaveNet is enjoying continuous annual growth and boasts a track record of developing critical systems for all of Sri Lanka's telecom operators. The systems developed by the company for the proliferation of local 3G services are viewed by Pinto as a case study for the rest of South Asia and the Asia Pacific. He foresees accelerated development in the region during the coming decade, a growth that WaveNet under the guidance of its CEO is geared to advance through its inspired use of technology.

CIL ties up with SMIB

CIL Managing Director Janaka Ratnayake (from left) exchanging the signed agreement with SMIB Chairman Chandima Weerakkody.

The Computer Island Group (CIL) recently signed an agreement on behalf of its subsidiary - Computercare Ltd. with the State Mortgage and Investment Bank (SMIB) for islandwide maintenance of its IT system.

At Computercare (Pvt) Ltd., we leverage our extensive outsourcing expertise, process optimization tools and an innovative delivery model to dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of our clients back office opertions.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) enhances the flexibility of an organisation in different ways. BPO is positively related to the search for more efficient organisational designs, cost reduction, productivity growth and innovative capabilities. Hence, a source for Strategic Advantage.

Computer training academy opens

TechSkills IT academy, for IT education and career development opened recently at Pitakotte.

The academy has well equipped lecture rooms and fully networked computer labs to serve more than a hundred students with internet access and e-mail facility.

Managed by a team of well experienced professionals in the field of management, the TechSkills IT academy employs only highly qualified lecturers with extensive experience in teaching. For special courses it employs university lecturers and high-end technical trainers.

To keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of Information Technology, two technically qualified consultants with extensive knowledge and international industry exposure constantly provide advisory services.

Commenting on the aims and objectives of this new educational institution, CEO Lionel Wickramasinghe, said " The main objective of TechSkills is to be an effective contributor and a partner in career building and skills development of Sri Lankan youth by providing Information Technology education and training ".

Wickramasinghe said "While less than 30% of our G.C.E Advanced level students qualify for university education only 10% gain admission to national universities. 90% of the educated youth are unable to enter a productive career primarily because they lack IT skills. In today's global economy IT skills have become a basic life-skill needed for existence. Our IT courses are geared to meet this challenge in a progressive manner."

Enjoy the 'Nokia Experience' with Nokia store

(L-R) Mr. Sajid Rizwan Matin, Retail Development Manager, Nokia EA, Mr. Md Mesbahuddin, Sales & Channel Development Manager, Nokia EA and Mr. Ashok Pathirage, Chairman, Softlogic Holdings at the opening ceremony of the first Nokia store in Sri Lanka.

Nokia, world leader in mobility has launched its first branded store in Sri Lanka undertaking to deliver the 'True Nokia Experience' and a first-class retail environment for customers. These stores offer an extensive range of Nokia devices and accessories with expert advice and the assurance of authenticity.

The inaugural store was opened Colombo 04 by Sales & Channel Development Manager, Nokia EA, Md. Mesbahuddin and Retail Development Manager, Nokia EA, Sajid Rizwan Matin amidst a large gathering of distinguished guests.

The layout and design of the stores guarantee an effortless and informative shopping experience.

The Nokia consumers in Sri Lanka now have easy access to all Nokia products and accessories in one shop, with a staff fully trained in fine standards of service.


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