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Sunday, 15 March 2009





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically professionally qualified fair pretty bride below 25 yrs willing to migrate is sought by Buddhist Govi parents from Colombo suburbs for their 27, 5' 8" N/S T/T handsome son Royalist BSc Software Engineer residing in Australia. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email: TP. 0718329547.

Academically / professionally qualified slim V. fair, attractive, height around 5'5" good mannered loving daughter is sought by Sinhala, Buddhist professionally qualified parents for their handsome younger son 28 years 5'10" tall attached to U.A.E. Air Line as Flight Dispatch Officer. Drawing half a million per month. He owns substantial assets. Elder son married and living in U.S.A. Reply with horoscope and full family details.

Affluent, highly respectable, Karawe Buddhist parents from Colombo seek an educated partner for their son with Postgraduate and Professional qualifications, well employed U.K. citizen, 29 yrs, fair tall and handsome. Divorced and free of any encumbrance. U.K. residents preferred. Write with horoscope to

Academically qualified, fair, pretty, slim, well mannered, loving daughter from a respectable family, brought up with Buddhist values is sought by Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo for their well brought up son, 30 yrs, 5'6" tall, fair, good natured non-smoker teetotaller qualified in UK. Holds a general degree in Sri Lanka, currently reading for Masters in a prestigious University in Australia. Owns a car and a house in Colombo, fixed assets and a steady income. Guru 7th house. Please reply with family details and horoscope.

Academically qualified Jaffna Tamil Anglican Christian Vellala caste high net worth parents seek a pretty educated bride below 32 years with similar status for their son non-smoker teetotaller graduated and well employed in Australia with sound financial background. Email: Phone 0773960333.

Buddhist Govigama / Karawe  professional parents seek academically qualified pretty bride for their only son 26 yrs. old, graduated in New Zealand and employed as a bank manager in Australia. Please reply with horoscope and family details.

Catholic Sinhalese respectable parents seek 26 yr. Australian PR holder handsome fair graduate IT Consultant son a pretty fair slim educated similar partner contact.

Govi-B/C, parents in New Zealand seek an educated pretty, kind & caring daughter below 26 years, brought up respecting Sinhala Buddhist values, for their Engineer son, non-smoker teetotaller of impeccable character working for a reputed company in NZ. He is 28 years, 5'7" tall and own house in NZ. Please reply with family details and a copy of horoscope to email. Phone 033 2223271.

Govi Buddhist parents seek an educated attractive kind and well accomplished partner of 26-30 yrs  for their son born and educated in USA with Buddhist Sinhala values. He is attractive 32 yrs. 5' 6" and pursuing a career in financial field. Owns substantial assets in New York. Please respond with horoscope family details etc. via E-mail: family will be visiting Sri Lanka soon.

IT professional 27 yrs. 5'11" handsome N/S unblemished sober son BG family in Australia seeking non malefic pretty bride English educated and qualified. Email-

Moor parents from good family background seek educated modest broad minded girl with good sense of humour and common sense for son in early thirties in a professional occupation in a Western Country. email:

:Moor parents seek for son, British citizen, 29 years, 6', health care specialist holding managerial position at NHS, professional partner, preferably from UK.

Moor parents seek an educated pretty bride about 5' 4" for their 32 year old Engineer son educated and employed abroad. Divorced (innocent party) after short  marriage with no encumbrances, currently on short holiday in Sri Lanka. Bride must be prepared to settle abroad. Tel. 5759199 or 0772628726 or

Respectable G/B parents seek a partner for their son Engineer (BSc, MSc) well mannered, handsome, 34/ 5 2 non-smoker teetotaler, kind hearted person who is doing permanent Engineering job in UK. Looking for loving caring very charm beautiful pretty slim girl. Caste, dowry, rich or poor, marriage status, family background immaterial. Prefer doctor, nurse or teacher but all are welcome. Please reply with horoscope, and some details to

Respectable G/B parents seek educated fair slim daughter below 28 for professionally qualified non smoker teetotaller son 32 with assets in Australia and Sri Lanka. Reply with family details contact number horoscope.

Professionally qualified partner preferably a Doctor is sought for Doctor son Karawe Buddhist aged 31 height 169 cm residing in the suburbs of Colombo Email:

Sinhala GB relatives seek an academically qualified honest and caring partner in 40s preferably living in USA for a well established engineer, divorcee, innocent party. USA citizen. Please send information by email to

Sinhala / Govi / Buddhist naturalized US citizen parents are looking for a pretty, fair, slim professionally qualified bride below 32 years for their 36 year old BSc (USA) and post graduate qualified well established business professional bachelor son. He is  6 feet 2 inches tall, very fair and handsome teetotaller currently employed in a reputed hotel organization in the US.  Applicants from Sri Lanka, Canada and UK willing to live permanently in the US are invited. Sri Lankan post graduate students currently studying in the US are also welcome. Tel: (702) 896-7228. Email:

Sinhalese G/B parents looking for educated, slim and fair girl below 33.  Son is post grad. 39, 5'10" and fair Australian citizen, IT,  considerable assets.  Picture and horoscope required (Kuja 3, 4, 7, 8).



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