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Sunday, 22 March 2009





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically qualified partner is sought by respectable B/K parents for their very well qualified pretty fair daughter 28 years (Kuja in 8th house). Please reply with family details and contact numbers. Email: OB-9072, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Academically / professionally qualified kind hearted, handsome sober son is sought for their daughter by Govigama Sinhala Buddhist parents live in Canada. She is 23, 5'3" pretty attractive Civil Engineer having Canadian Citizenship. Caste is immaterial. Email

Academically professionally qualified partner is sought by affluent Govi Buddhist parents for their well accomplished fair slim and beautiful daughter brought up with traditional Sri Lankan values 5'6" 40 years younger looking holds PhD working as a permanent professor in a prestigious University in USA.  Partner will also get the Green Card.  Inherits valuable assets. Email:

Academically qualified Jaffna Tamil Anglican Christian Vellalar caste high net worth parents seek an academically / professionally qualified handsome partner below 37 years with similar status for their pretty smart daughter 5'2" born in 1974, highly qualified in Medical Science and well employed in England with sound financial background. Residents of England preferred. Email   Phone 0773960333. 

Academically BSc (Hons) U.K. and CIMA Accountant working in UK fair pretty convent educated girl 26 years 5'3" partner is sought by Catholic parents who is living in UK or willing to live in UK. Email:

Academically professionally qualified partner non-smoker teetotaller preferably residing in the U.S. is sought by retired professional Sinhala Buddhist parents for their daughter 32 yrs. 5'1" slim smart very pleasant with a Masters Degree presently working in a Consulting Firm in the U.S. Reply with horoscope and family details.

Academically / professionally qualified partner is sought by B/G/K parents living in Australia for  well employed 5'8" height slim pretty and fair 33 years old graduate Engineer daughter. Please reply with details and horoscope. Email:

Academically / professionally qualified partner with good moral values, non-smoker, teetotaller, preferably having or intends to do Master's (Australia / Canada) is sought by G/B respectable Sinhala parents (Government Service) from Avissawella area, for their 5' medium complexion daughter (only child) 22+ undergraduate in a private campus, currently in the final year. She intends leaving for Australia / Canada before marriage for studies. Inherits assets. Marriage expected in 2 years. Should be same caste below 29 years. University students considered. Reply in Sinhala / English with horoscope, family details, contact numbers. Call 071-6327167 after 6.00 p.m. Email-

Affluent Catholic parents seek a partner for their pretty, slim, fair, daughter 29 years, in IT, presently working in NY City USA. Educated in Convent and International School in Sri Lanka. With considerable assets. Prefer a Sri Lankan professionally qualified partner, non-smoker with sober habits with similar background, living in Sri Lanka or abroad. Religion - Catholic or Buddhist. All correspondence will be treated confidentially. Please reply with family particulars. e-mail to

A divorced lady Govi, Buddhist 35+, 5'5" very attractive holding a Senior position in a reputed organization holding a degree is looking for a partner. He should be divorced or separated with kids with a very good educational and social background who is from a respectable decent family He should be 35 - 38 and should be very smart with good knowledge in English. Interested parties can Contact through.

A professional partner sought for a 35, 5'3" charming daughter BSc degree (employed in a Government Institution) (administrative field).  (0718423548).

A suitable educated partner sought for pretty BSc 5'2" B/G daughter 32 employed UK. Those resident abroad preferred. Apply with horoscope. e-mail:

Bandarawela Buddhist Govi 34 height 5' educated, pretty, divorced no children seeks partner Sinhala speaking or not businessman or employed, permanently residing abroad for marriage. Email:

Buddhist Colombo 38 professional working pretty girl looks twenties, 5'4" registration cancelled, seeks respectable educated partner.

B/G parents seek educated partner for daughter 26 years 5 ft. 2 inches BSc Hons in IT (British degree) well employed fair attractive slim willing to migrate. Kuja Shani combination preferred. Reply with details and horoscope. Email:

B/G parents residing in Sydney Australia seek a professionally qualified partner for their qualified (Accountant) daughter of 28 years. Reply with horoscope and family details to:

B/G mother, Buddhist Colombo Chetty father, in Colombo suburbs, in export business, seek professionally qualified partner for Architect, 29 years, presently in Oman. Inherits land in Nugegoda. Brother IT student working in Colombo. Write with copy of horoscope.

B/K Colombo parents seek an educated partner for their daughter 27 - 5'5" studied in leading girls school, B.Sc CIMA (UK) passed finalist, reading for MBM, working in a multinational company Colombo. Reply with horoscope. Email

Bodu Govi parents seek educated suitable partner with a respectable job for their 36 and half years old 5'2" pretty vegetarian and legally divorced daughter who is a teacher at a leading school in Colombo. Apply with family details and horoscope. 0112826805, 077352239

Colombo B/S parents seek non-smoking professionally qualified partner for their pretty slim daughter MSc Australia 30 years 5' substantial assets. Write with family details horoscope (need Kuja 1,4,7,8,12). Email:

Catholic parents residing in the US seek a professionally and academically qualified kind dependable tall US resident partner below 45 with good moral values for fair pretty slim academically and professionally qualified kind caring daughter 36 with good moral values holding an Asst. Director's position in a US university. She was once married but her marriage was not consummated and was limited only to signing of papers. She is legally divorced and her marriage is being annulled in church. Religion caste immaterial. Please respond to

Catholic Sinhala parents seek professional partner either living in Australia or willing to migrate to Australia below 35 years over 5 feet 5 inches for 29+ pretty MBBS Doctor daughter with Australian PR and employed in Australia. Reply

Christian Jaffna Tamil parents residing in New Zealand seek professionally qualified partner from a respectable family for their daughter 29 years graduated in New Zealand and employed in Australia. Please contact in Sri Lanka 0777-734115 Email:

Govi Buddhist respectable parents seek educated kind-hearted partner for slim fair very pleasant 44 yrs. 5'4" height Attorney-at-Law graduate daughter with assets young-looking divorced innocent party no children no encumbrances. Details, contact telephone number, Horoscope required.

G/D Buddhist well connected respectable parents Colombo seek a handsome professionally qualified accomplished son for only daughter 24 yrs. 5'3" fair slim pretty Software Engineer employed in Sri Lanka inherits valuable assets. Residents in UK Australia also welcome. Rahu 7th Kuja Shani 12th. Reply with family details & horoscope. E-mail: 

Malay parents seek for daughter 21 years doing her BSc/ACCA qualified Malay partner below 27 years.

Moor parents from Colombo seek a partner for their daughter teaching in an International School 22+ 5 ft. slim active personality. Reply with details.

Moor parents, well connected and from educated background seek professionally qualified, pleasant looking, kind, committed and understanding partner (a practising Muslim) for their very fair, pretty kind caring, professionally qualified daughter (early 30s) divorced without encumbrances (height 5'1") has permanent residency overseas (Australasia) but willing to relocate to any country of choice of future partner. Email:

Muslim daughter 31, 5'4" religious fair smart slim attractive English graduate Teacher PGD in education Colombo University willing to migrate. Parents seek suitable partner. Tel: 0757126873. E-mail:

Respectable G/B mother from Colombo suburb seeks professionally qualified partner for fair, pleasant only daughter 27, 5'1" BSc (IT) graduate executive in a bank. Kataka Kethu 7, Sitha Nekatha. Please reply with family details & horoscope (Sinhala / English).

Respectable G/B parents seek well educated, established businessman or professionally qualified partner (Engineers, Doctors, Pilots) for only daughter studied at a leading school in Colombo. 24 years, 53. Reading for a higher degree. Inherits substantial assets worth millions. Non malefic. Reply with family details, TP and horoscope. 036-2232782,  0776203539. OB-9064, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Retired Catholic parents from Gampaha District are looking for a suitable partner for their daughter, who is a Deputy IT Manager in a leading State Bank by profession. She has completed her postgraduate diploma and by September 2009, she will complete her MSc too. She is 33 years old and 5'2" in height. She is a pleasant and young looking girl. Reply with contact number. Email-

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek a professional marriage partner for Doctor daughter (MBBS M.D.) in government service 40 yrs. 5'6 1/2" & young-looking inherits spacious house as part of dowry. Owns new car. Differences immaterial. Horoscope essential. Tele: 034-4943241.

Sinhala Buddhist parents seek a professionally qualified well established committed and loving partner for their beautiful kind and caring daughter in her late 20's 5'5" with fair complexion. She is academically / professionally qualified and holds a managerial position in UK. Dual citizen (UK/Sri Lanka). Divorced without encumbrances. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email:

Sri Lankan Catholic Sinhalese mother seeks a genuine partner for her 37 year divorced daughter with no children (innocent party) Email to

We are RC, K, Sinhalese Canadian citizens looking for a suitable partner for our daughter 25, 5'6" slim pretty professionally qualified Accountant with bachelors and masters degrees. Responses with family details education etc. From Canada US or SL preferred. Please respond to: 



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