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A victory for the nation

Sri Lanka reached a golden milestone in world military history when it became the first ever country to eradicate terrorism. This historic feat by Sri Lanka’s valiant Security Forces is even more creditable and significant, especially since the LTTE was the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world.It was the dedication, devotion and immense sacrifices of our gallant Security Forces which paved the way for the most cherished moment in modern Sri Lankan history. It was the unwavering bravery of our Security Forces and the correct military and political leadership that were effectively combined to demolish the LTTE’s dream of a separate state.

The indomitable leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa was undoubtedly a great source of inspiration and encouragement for the Security Forces to beat all overwhelming odds and destroy the world’s most dangerous terror outfit which has claimed over 70,000 lives during the past three decades.

President Rajapaksa and his Government have always respected the clear mandate given by the masses and even risked their lives to liberate innocent civilians from the jaws of LTTE terrorism. He did not bow down to mounting international pressure, which had the backing of some of our own opportunist politicians in the opposition.After the liberation of the East, some UNP politicians challenged the Government to take on the Wanni too, completely underestimating the true capabilities of our Security Forces. Eventually, when the LTTE leaders were trapped in Mullaitivu, some UNP leaders even sought the help of the international community to rescue Velupillai Prabhakaran and his cohorts.

Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s current tour of Europe was tantamount to political suicide as it came when the Security Forces were heading for the most decisive stage of the battle against terrorism.

Instead of supporting the Government and the Security Forces in their relentless battle against the LTTE terror and liberate innocent civilians being held as a human shield by the Tigers, Wickremasinghe opted to tour Norway and several other European countries to paint a gloomy picture and tarnish the Government’s image before the international community.

It was those unpardonable acts of Wickremesinghe and some of his UNP politicians against our Motherland which greatly influenced the International Community to exert more pressure on the Government in the final dash. Nevertheless, the Government remained firm as the President strongly believed that it was his prime responsibility to liberate innocent civilians from the LTTE’s terror rule.

At the end, Prabhakaran and his goons who unleashed misery not only amongst their own people but also to all other communities living here, perished in the manner they richly deserved. The self-proclaimed `Sun God’ who ordered thousands of Tamil youth to wear cyanide capsules around their necks and ordered them to commit suicide, if captured, was killed by the Army.

Prabhakaran, the worst of cowards, never practised what he preached. While enjoying a life of clover with his family through Tamil Diaspora funding, the LTTE leader ordered his men to mobilise Tamil boys and girls in their early teens to be recruited as child soldiers. Ironically, his body was found with no cyanide capsule, but with his Identity card and the dog tag, to prove his identity if he managed to seek refuge with some unknown saviour.While Prabhakaran’s three children led luxurious lifestyles with the best education in the West, the sons and daughters of his own community, to whom he ostentatiously claimed that the LTTE was carrying out a liberation struggle, were forced to carry guns and undergo immense suffering.

Now that the entire country has been liberated after three decades of terrorism, it is incumbent on all to sink ethnic, religious, political and other social differences and work as one family to develop the country.

As President Rajapaksa emphasised during his ceremonial speech in Parliament on Tuesday, there should not be a minority or majority, but just two groups of people - those who love their Motherland and those who don’t!At a time we seek to embrace all Sri Lankans as members of one family and a single nation, the celebration of this victory, should be expressed with magnanimity and friendship towards all.

Despite the nation’s outpouring of joy in defeating terrorism, we should not leave any room to hurt anyone’s feelings in any manner. That’s the greatest tribute we could pay our Motherland and the Security Forces.While the greatest achievements of our Security Forces are etched in gold, we could never forget the immense contribution made by the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the Commanders of the three Armed Forces and the IGP. The brigade commanders of the Sri Lanka Army spent many sleepless nights in planning military strategies which proved successful. It was their dedicated and exemplary leadership which inspired the Security Forces to achieve those resounding victories.

Above all, the incomparable sacrifices and dedication of our brave soldiers, sailors and airmen, who have always put the country before self, will go down in the annals of history. Spending many months away from their loved ones, the Security Forces marched under the most difficult conditions to make Mother Lanka proud.It is the bounden duty of all Sri Lankans to give a better definition to those unsurpassed military victories and eradication of terrorism. The victory gained by defeating LTTE is the victory of the entire nation, be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Mislims, Malays or Burghers.Protecting the Tamil-speaking people in this country is our sole responsibility because they are our brothers and sisters of one Sri Lankan family. People all over the country should be able to live in safety, sans fear, suspicion and with equal rights.


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