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A fish that crawls and hops

In January 2008, divers swimming off an Indonesian island saw an unusual fish. To try to identify the strange-looking swimmer, they took pictures and sent them to fish expert Ted Pietsch of the University of Washington in Seattle. Pietsch has been identifying fish species for 40 years. He studied the pictures and came back to the divers with an unexpected answer: That this fish didn't have a name.

This newly named fish, called “psychedelica,” hops and crawls more than it swims. It also has a flat face and eyes that face forward, a feature unusual for fish. - Pic:

He quickly figured out that the fish was a frogfish and he should know, since Pietsch has been studying frogfish for decades. Pietsch also figured out that no one had ever described that particular kind of fish in scientific terms before. One year later, he became the first to do so. The first scientist to describe a species gets to name it. Pietsch named the fish "psychedelica" (Latin name Histiophryne psychedelica).

Psychedelica, about four inches long, is unlike any fish in your local aquarium. What's the strangest fact about this fish? After reading about it, you decide. They hop: If you saw one underwater, you probably would think it wasn't swimming. The fish moves along a coral reef by squirting out little jets of water, so it appears to be hopping, rather than swimming. Its hops are irregular and strange, as you can see in videos at frogfish had ever been observed hopping before.

They crawl: On either side of the fish's body are fins that work more like legs. The fish seems to prefer strolling along a reef to swimming through the water: crawl-hop-crawl-hop.

They see the world differently: The face of psychedelica is flat, and its eyes face forward. While eyes that face forward are common on humans, most fish have an eye on either side of their head. As a result, the two eyes see different views. Not so with "psychedelica," Pietsch says he's never before seen this trait in an frogfish.

They don't change: psychedelica's swirls and stripes stay the same regardless of where it is. Most frogfish are able to change their colours, depending on the environment in which they're swimming. But psychedelica's stay the same in any situation. Perhaps the most bizarre(unusual) thing about psychedelica is that Ted Pietsch had seen it before 2008. When he first received the new pictures from Indonesia, he thought they looked familiar. He went through his fish collection and found two specimens of the same fish, though those were faded and damaged. They were sent to him by the Dallas Aquarium," 17 years ago.

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Pen pal corner

Name: M. U. F. Rushdah

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Hobbies: Reading books, gardening, playing

Pen-pals preferred from: UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, India

Address: 616, Kalyana Road, Sainthamaruthu, Sri Lanka


Name: W. Nilansha Tharaka

Gender: Male

Age: 13

School: R/Rahula National School

Hobbies: Collecting stamps, playing video games, cycling and reading

Pen-pals preferred from: USA, Pakistan, Japan, England, India, Australia

Age group: 13-15 (Boys only)

Address:'Isuru', Balawenna, Godakawela.


Name: B. M. Hansani Jayathilaka

Gender: Female

Age: 14

School: St. Joseph's Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Kegalle.

Hobbies: Collecting stamps, dancing, watching movies, reading novels

Pen-pals preferred from: Sri Lanka, Japan, England, India

Age group: 14-16

Address: 'Sumali', Pussalila, Kegalle, Sri Lanka.


Name: E. J. A. Sanjeewani Dulakshika

Gender: Female

Age: 6

Hobbies: Reading story books, watching TV

Pen-pals preferred from: China, Japan, London, America, Australia, Singapore

Age group: 4-10 (girls only)

Address: 209/3, Anuragoda, Pepiliyawala, Sri Lanka.


Name: Chathurika Nadeeshani Dissanayaka

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Hobbies: Reading books, watching TV, playing games, singing

Pen-pals preferred from: India, Japan, China, America, Korea

Age group: 17-20

Address: Hidawa, Temple Road, Bamunakotuwa, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.


Name: A. M. Indika Niroshan Adikari

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Hobbies: Watching TV, playing volleyball

Pen-pals preferred from: England, Australia, Japan, America

Age group: 17-18

Address: 73/C 5, Amuhena, Pepiliyawala, Gampaha, Sri Lanka.


Name: W. A. Sajeevi Udayangani

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Hobbies: Reading books (especially detective stories), gardening, collecting stamps, watching TV, playing badminton, special interest - astronomy

Pen-pals preferred from: Any foreign country

Age group: 20-24

Address: "Piyasamara", Welkandala, Panthiya, Matugama, Sri Lanka.


Name: A. M. Iresha Udeni Karunarathna

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Hobbies: Reading story books, collecting stamps

Pen-pals preferred from: England, Japan, Australia, America, Canada, India

Age group: 15-17

Address: 73/C 5, Amuhena, Pepiliyawala, Gampaha, Sri Lanka.


Name: Randi Lasitha Wickramrathna

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Hobbies: Collecting pictures of waterfalls and forests and finding information about Sherlock Holmes

Pen-pals preferred from: India, England, UAE, Sri Lanka.

Address: 26/2, Mihitigoda, Wilpita, Akuressa.


Name: R. A. D. Sumedha Senani

Gender: Female

Age: 14 years

Hobbies: Collecting stamps, reading story books, keeping pets

Pen-pals preferred from: Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.

Age group: 14-16 years

Address: No. 526-A, Bombuwala Road, Dodangoda, Kalutara South, Sri Lanka


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