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National handicraft exhibition in Kandy

Small and Medium Enterprises Developers of Sri Lanka Trade and Industrial Board has taken steps to conduct an Handicraft Exhibition in Kandy, with the assistance of Sri Lanka Handicraft Commercial Board, according to Directress of SMED Institution Renuka Rodrigo.

This exhibition will be held from August 2 to 5 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. under the theme of "Inland Handicraft and Foreign Market".

The exhibition which is to be held in Kandy City Center, has been named as "Handicraft Expertise 2009 National Handicraft Award Items Exhibition".

Thereby, handicraftsmen, who have been considered as bottom level entrepreneurs in the field of handicraft, will have the direct approach of inland buyers and foreign buyers without the interference of middlemen and introduce the handmade award items in the local market is the main objective of this exhibition.

This exhibition will be held in Kandy from 2nd to 5th of August,2009, in keeping line with historical Dalada Maligawa Esala Perahera, with the objective of introducing environment-friendly inland hand-made plastic items.

Items related to wood-carving, items related to metal carving, cane woven items and clay-related items will be displayed in the exhibition. Apart from this, items made of coconut shells and coconut and coir related items, earthenware and production of natural papers also will be showcased in the exhibition.

Further, variegated small items made of local raw materials, lace products, bamboo related items, and jewelleries made of gold and silver will also be included in the exhibition.


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