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A positive outlook vital

The resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) is taking place at a rapid pace. Despite the pressure by LTTE sympathisers, certain countries and INGOs, the Government is determined to assure a safe haven for IDPs.

Over 40,000 displaced civilians who were rescued from the LTTE clutches and accommodated in temporary welfare centres in Vavuniya, have now been resettled. These civilians have been resettled in their original homesteads, in keeping with the Government's resettlement program for displaced persons.

Some people, INGOs and certain countries seem to have forgotten as to how these people became IDPs. They are trying to blame the Government as if these people had been displaced due to a fault of the Government.

The million dollar question is 'who displaced over half a million people in the North and the East'. It is none other than the LTTE which held these innocent civilians as a human shield and harassed them. The Government and the Security Forces came to their rescue to liberate them from LTTE terror.

Barely anyone made any attempt to rescue them or even uttered a word in their favour when they were forcibly held by the Tiger terrorists. They had been subjected to untold hardships. To add insult to injury, even the food and medicine sent by the Government to the then uncleared areas for the benefit of these civilians were robbed by the LTTE for their Tiger cadres.

After the Security Forces risked their life and limb and rescued these civilians, these INGOs and certain countries felt 'extremely sympathetic' towards the IDPs in Sri Lanka. The topic of 'IDPs in Sri Lanka' has apparently turned out to be a 'profitable business' for certain INGOs, NGOs and opportunistic Opposition politicians. Do they fail to see the positive action taken by the Government to liberate these innocent civilians and the steps which are being implemented to resettle the IDPs and assure them a better future?

The de-mining process cannot be completed overnight as the whole process has to be carried out in conformity to ensure the safety of the civilians in their villages. Despite having better resources and techniques than Sri Lanka, the de-mining process in Croatia has been going on since 1994. In contrast, Sri Lanka has fared much better.

The Government has provided adequate facilities for those displaced in transit centres. The Government's efforts have been commended by many international organisations, including the United Nations. It is pertinent to question whether a responsible Government can send IDPs back to uncleared mine fields and risk their lives in the name of resettlement and rehabilitating them in their original places, It is the duty of a responsible Government to ensure that these people who are temporarily accommodated in welfare camps are resettled in a safe and secure area.

This is exactly why the Government accelerated the de-mining process and got down more machines and technical advice. The de-mining process has to be carried out in a manner to ensure that it is done to perfection. The Government has deployed all possible resources in de-mining areas. Apart from the new de-mining machines, there are specially trained dogs to detect minefields.

The entire nation is enjoying the benefits of the eradication of LTTE terror. Irrespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliations, the masses are overjoyed that the country is free from the clutches of LTTE terrorism which dragged on for over three decades.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Government is now keen on winning the economic war as well. The people in the South would endorse this with a landslide victory for the UPFA soon. Fearing that their weaknesses would be exposed badly, the UNP and the JVP are descending to a new level to tarnish the good image of the Government. This provides 'ammunition' for certain countries and INGOs to exert international pressure on the Government. The people would certainly never forgive such opportunistic Opposition politicians who put self before country.

It is deplorable that some parties are trying to destroy the image of the country for petty political gain. The patriotic people in the South will definitely teach these power-hungry politicians a good lesson at the forthcoming Southern Provincial elections.

President Rajapaksa, a fearless leader who always takes the right decisions for the country and its people, is answerable only to the people of Sri Lanka. The President has said that no soldier who heeded his orders as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka to liberate the Northern and Eastern Provinces needs to worry as the President was ready to take full responsibility for those orders and appear before any judiciary on their behalf.

Though shameless Opposition politicians are trying to take undue advantage of the developments amongst the international community, the freedom won by sacrificing 26,000 lives will never be betrayed. One conspiracy follows another to downgrade the heroic feat achieved by the Security Forces.

The economy is directed on a positive path with the defeat of terrorism. The Government no doubt is fulfilling its responsibilities in further strengthening the economy. In spite of incurring a huge defence expenditure, to rescue the country and its people from LTTE terrorism, the recent economic developments have proved to be stronger than expected and are indeed encouraging. With increasing economic growth, inflation remains subdued and is expected to remain in a single digit this year. More importantly, exports have shown signs of recovery in the recent months and the confidence of investors has increased significantly.

All loyal and patriotic citizens must wholeheartedly support President Rajapaksa in his unrelenting efforts to beat all odds and take the country towards greater economic prosperity.

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