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Cadex-2009 showcases Indo-Lanka Naval rapport

The combined training exercise between the Indian and Sri Lankan Navies code named 'Cadex-2009 'proved, that the Lankan Navy is not second to the 'blue water' Indian Navy as far as the basics of a Naval force is concerned.

'Cadex-2009' was the first training exercise between the Indian and Lankan Navies since the island nation achieved victory against terrorism early this year.

Indian Navy remains a regional super power in South Asia with the possession of ultra modern aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers and war ships equipped with cruise missiles.

India also played a considerable role in supporting Sri Lanka in its war against terrorism. The terrorist outfit LTTE remained a headache for India and Sri Lanka with its water borne wing known as sea tigers.

However, the constant vigilance of the Indian and Lankan Navies prevented the terrorist sea goers taking the upper hand in the seas of both countries with Lankan Navy finally annihilating the sea tiger terrorism in the sub continent waters.

Indian Navy chopper Cheetac takes off from INS Shardul for ‘Helo Ops’ exercise.

Indian Naval ship 'Shardul' and Indian Cost Guard ship 'Varuna' along with 141 Indian Naval cadets engaged in the training exercise code named Cadex - 2009 at a distance of 35 nautical miles south west of Colombo Harbour.

The Lankan Naval vessels with 100 Sri Lankan cadets taking part in the exercise were SLNS Sayura and SLNS Samudra.

The imposing vessels of both Navies cruised out of the break waters of Colombo Harbour at 9 a.m. on October 6 towards south western waters of the island and sailed for five and a half hours to reach the spot where the manoeuvring of both Navies were held.

Cadets with their instructor on board.

It was on SLNS Hansaya, a Singapore built Fast Passenger craft commanded by Lt. Com Roshan Nisanka the media men were taken to witness the 'Cadex-2009' exercise and the Navy's media spokesperson Captain D. K. P. Dassanayaka was on the upper deck of SLNS Hansaya briefing on the entire exercise.

The joint training exercises between the two Navies has been taking place for the past ten years. The prime intention of the exercise of both Navies is to make their respective cadets familiarise with each other along with exchanging the Naval skills to deal with the challenges they come across.

India, with its conventional wars against Pakistan and China in the past, remains a 'blue water' Navy on par with other super powers in the world.

However, the Lankan Navy is unique in many ways in breaking the 'back bone' of the sea tigers which was supposed to be the deadliest terrorist outfit in the seas having staged numerous attacks against the Lankan Navy.

The sea tiger outfit also had bigger vessels for its gun running activities and brought down deadly weapons posing threats to the integrity of the island nation.

A drill on the deck.

The commitment and untiring efforts of the Lankan sailors played a tremendous role in shattering the LTTE's penetration of the seas with the sinking of several of the terror outfit's vessels in the waters of Sri Lanka.

So, with Lankan cadets gaining the knowledge in the upkeep of a `blue water Navy' from India, the Indian cadets were also able to learn extensively from the experiences of the Lankan Navy in crushing terrorism in the seas.

The battle hardened Lt. Com. Kathriarachchi, who was on board with the journalists in SLNS Hansaya, described the hardships the SL Navy experienced during the battle against sea tiger terrorists.

"We had to face amputation of hands, wrists and legs while facing high calibre guns. Unlike on the ground, the conditions in the high seas are extremely difficult in treating the injured. However, our sailors were brave enough to tackle the situation despite the turbulent conditions," Lt. Com. Kathriarachchi marvelled.The 'Cadex-2009', training exercise focused mainly on dealing with the challenges with regard to piracy, smuggling and rescue operations with the Naval ships manoeuvring the task of exchanging men and materials while sailing on the high seas.

The `Cheetac' helicopter, which took off from the Indian Naval Ship Shardul's helipad, flew over the entire sea area of the exercise and descended above the SLNS Sayura, greeting the Lankan officers and cadets.

SLNS Sayura and SLNS Samudra.

While highlighting the abilities of the Indian Navy's air wing,the exercise also proved that Lankan Navy's Sayura could also respond precisely to any air mobilisation while cruising on the high seas.

The exercise could also be considered a prelude to Sri Lankan Navy gaining its own air wing in time to come.

The entire exercise lasted for three days with the ships returning to the Colombo base last Thursday.

The 141 Indian cadets were also taken on sight-seeing tours to Trincomalee and Diyatalawa.

`Cadex-2009' joint training exercise was the brainchild of Indian Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Varma and the Lankan Navy Chief Vice Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe.

Due to the war against the LTTE terrorists, the Indo-Lanka Naval joint exercise, which is an annual feature, did not take place last year.

But with Vice Admiral Thissara Samarasinghe becoming the new chief of the Lankan Navy the links that have been enjoyed by Indo-Lanka Navies have been given a new boost with the joint training exercise `Cadex-2009' putting a spring in the step.

While observing `Cadex-2009' from the upper decks of SLNS Hansaya, one was able to see the true seamanship of the crew of the fast passenger craft skipperd by Lt. Com Roshan Nisanka.

Cadex-2009 high sea manoeuvring is in progress.

The SLNS Hansaya which was used extensively in the North-Eastern waters when the operations against the LTTE was in progress, is capable of carrying hundred passengers.

On the other hand, the entire crew of SLNS Hansaya also proved that they were good at winning the hearts and minds of the passengers who were on board with their prompt hospitality.


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