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How to accomplish more in less time

“I don’t have time” most of the people have this lame excuse for postponing their work. We all have the same time. Everyone-no matter how rich or poor, intelligent or ignorant, accomplished or unskilled - has the same 24 hours a day, twelve months a year. But remember time passes unnoticed. There is a Latin proverb “Tempus fugit”. It means time flies. There is another popular saying that “Time and tide wait for no man”. It means when the time comes, you must grab it without waiting. The same meaning is embedded in the old adage “Make hay while the sun shines”.

We all should know the value of time. Then the question arises how we can manage the time. It is a known fact that time is the most important commodity. The time you spent cannot be recalled. I think the following tips will certainly help you to make maximum use of time.

Try to work according to a timetable

Most of us lead very hectic lives and have tight schedules. We are burdened with so many responsibilities. If we work according to a timetable, we should allocate our time for everything. We must have time for earning, studying, exercising, enjoying ourselves and a host of other tasks.

However, it is difficult to work according to a timetable for unavoidable reasons. For instance, if you fall sick suddenly or a death in the family circle you may not be able to follow the timetable.

During such exigencies, you should be able to adjust your timetable accordingly. Think of students who do so many subjects according to a fixed timetable at school. Therefore they accomplish more during the allocated time.

Do not postpone anything for tomorrow

“Procrastination is the thief of time”. The saying goes. It means postponing your work is unproductive. If your postpone you work till tomorrow, you will have more work for tomorrow. Little by little your workload will pile up.

Some people postpone their work for mere laziness. They have the habit of postponing. When you postpone your work, people might think that you are a very careless person.

Try not to waste your time.

Do something fruitful

Greek philosophers in the 5th century BC believed that we must pack every minute with meaningful action. They did not mean that we should be workaholics. See how our people spend their time doing nothing. Some people waste hours sitting and gossiping. You can talk and enjoy with your friends while engaged in some useful work. We see some people read books or magazines while travelling. Meanwhile some people have the habit of dosing off in their seats.

You must have a “To do list” or a priority list

As you are very busy, you have a lot of things to be done each day. It is advisable to have a list of work to be finished each day. You must plan out your work to be done next day. There are many advantages of having a “To do list”. One big advantage is your ability to complete very important and urgent work. When you do your daily chores, try to give priority to those important tasks. Once you finish it, mark it. At the end of the day, you will be a happy person. There are modern electronic gadgets such as organizers which help you to organize your work according to a set plan. However if you have trained your memory to remember appointments and what things to be done on certain days, you can dispense with organisers, priority lists and “To do” lists.

Have a short time goal

When you wake up in the morning, you must determine to finish off your work each day. When you have short time goals, you are able to finish your work without any hassle. Napoleon Hill in his celebrated book “The law of success” says you must have a definite chief aim in your life. He suggested that you should write it on a piece of paper and display it prominently in your room. This shows the importance of having an aim in your life.

Unfortunately, most of us are drifters without any aim or hope.

Do not think that you have no time

Most of the busy people have much more time than others. If you want to get something done, go to a busy person. Busy people know how to manage their time and do all their work.

So do not think that you have no time. Some people go to bed very early and wake up very late the following day. So they naturally do not find time to do what they want.

Some people are of the view that they have no time to study as they are old. But you can do much work in your old age.We see very young people wasting their precious time idling. They can follow courses and enhance their knowledge. They can reach the top rung of the ladder, if they wish to do so.Apart from that some young people want to earn money at once. So they do not think of the skill they should acquire. So, remember skill is very necessary for a better tomorrow.

Be happy thinking of the past

See the lapses at the end of the day and rectify them. You must see what work you have not done at the end of the day. Find out the reasons for not doing them. You should apply correct methods to complete your work. Otherwise if you do not do your work properly, you have to do the same work again. That’s a waste of time. When you do your work, you will learn new methods.

The foregoing tips will help any sensible person to get the maximum out of time which is sometimes compared to gold. However, the value of time can be compared to platinum in the modern context.

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