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How to survive in a new office environment

Offices can be brutal environments, especially if you are new to an office. Having to listen to personal phone calls all day, laughing in pity at people's jokes, and putting on a smile when your boss asks you to complete a project on an almost impossible deadline. Maybe these tips would help you get by... Read on these stuff really make sense and will let you ease into that hostile office environment without any trouble and will keep you smiling at the office!

Step 1

Do not share personal information. This is incredibly hard, as most people's questions are lighthearted and will feel you are being rude by not offering an answer. To avoid this, avoid going to lunch or happy hour with co-workers. The logic is that people only socialize with people they are comfortable with and know something about. If you do not share information, soon, people will leave you alone.

Step 2

Desensitize yourself to the people. Much like in "Office Space," you want to be able to look someone dead in the face and not laugh when they tell a joke. This really goes hand in hand with step one. You want to continually distance yourself from your colleagues to the point that they do not even seek a reaction from you.

Step 3

Meditate. As odd as you may think that would be, take this old Zen Koan as an example. "A Zen Master was measuring flax seed when a student approached and asked, 'Master, what is Zen?' The Master, without pausing from his task said, 'Three pounds of flax.' And the student became enlightened." Basically, just do each task as if it were the only thing that matters. Do not think of anything as significant. Treat it as a game at first until it becomes second nature. Before you know it, you will be doing everything in life with a calm inner peace.

Step 4

Preoccupy yourself. If your job allows music, bring in an mp3 player to listen to. Get ear bud headphones and put only one in while you are at your desk. You do not want to be unavailable if someone is asking for help or trying to get your attention, but you will soon be concentrating more on the music than the chatter around you and completing tasks is always easier with a soundtrack.


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