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A comprehensive work on capital market

Dr. Lalith Samarakoon

In the evolution of Sri Lanka's capital market key personalities such as Dr. Lalith Samarakoon is admired with gratitude for his magnanimous contribution towards widening the horizons of prospective investors.

Dr. Samarakoon, a financial economist and a Senior Lecturer of the University of St. Thomas, Minasota USA, the author of 'Sri Lanka's Securities Market', is the first comprehensive Sinhala edition on the capital market published in 1998.

The book became popular and attracted a good readership compelling the author to extend his work into four editions.

The need for a book on the capital market arose with the expansion of the market in Sri Lanka. Nearly a decade after the launch of the maiden blockbuster Dr. Samarakoon launched another book on the Capital Market in Sri Lanka which is a concised version consisting eleven chapters on important aspects of investing in the Share Market.

Written in simple language on Stock Market gives a new dimension of investment. An entire chapter has been dedicated to the evolution of the Stock Market in Sri Lanka.

Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, Corporate Debt Securities, Securities, Shares, Futures and Unit Trusts and the regulations pertaining to each of these the primary securities are included in the book.

The writer has not only dwelt on the current Securities traded in the Stock Market but also on the potential for a vibrant Derivatives market in Sri Lanka.

The objective of Dr. Samarakoon is to educate investors, school and university students, graduates and undergraduates seeking qualification in finance and economics.

Director, Financial Service Academy SEC, Dr. Dissa Bandara said the book on Sri Lanka's capital market is a comprehensive work written in simple language that could be understood by many with least financial jargon.

Dr. Samarakoon has been an advisor on the capital market to the World Bank, UNAID and the Asian Development Bank.

He was the Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance Management of the University of Sri Jayawardenepura.



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