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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Hide & Seek

Family affair

Ran-House, the Banda, staged a 'family' protest at Diyawanna Road with his children and a woman, whom he claimed to be his better half. Then came a call on his mobile and a visibly shaken Ran-House ordered his men to remove the placards and mats and all of them got into his vehicle and drove off. Minutes later, his wife emerged at the scene to write his character certificate.

Atta-leader sidelined

Many Green Party veterans are dejected that they have not been given any posts in the new alliance that is united. Even Atta-Leader has not been given any post. Saj-jeet, the love slave and Es Bee boycotted the inauguration of the alliance. At least three disillusioned party seniors are set to quit the green camp.

Ra-Blue's alliance

Ra-Blue has eventually formed the alliance that he has been dreaming of, but with parties which have hardly a vote base. Many party seniors, including Chalk-Sea, have pointed out that bankrupt politicians, such as Wedding Sam and Mah-Know Gun, have the least followers.

Common candidate

Who is the common Opposition candidate at the next Prez election? Some clues are that he is from the Lane that is Fifth. He is a right royal happy and gay guy and a born loser. Whatever names being bandied as the common candidate, it is he who will emerge from the Op alliance.

Sam's meetings

Wedding Sam is holding a series of discussions with deep-low-mats, apparently to draw up a new strategy for Ra-Blue at the next Prez election. The Retired Big Lady too is working closely behind the scenes to get appointments for the happy and gay guy.

National list

Ra-Blue has asked Wedding Sam to contest the next general election from Maha-thara. Knowing only too well that his political bankruptcy would be exposed and that he would lose his place in the Op alliance, Sam has opted for an Em Pee post from the list that is national.



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