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IPM to head North

The Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka [IPMSL] invited Prof. K. Thevarajah, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jaffna to the IPM on November 20 to initiate discussions on how and when both institutions could introduce all facets of Human Resource Management [HRM] to the peninsula specifically and thereafter to the Northern Province in general.

The successful meeting concluded with the Acting President Ajith R. De Costa presenting Prof K. Thevarajah a memento a token of appreciation from the IPM with the apt words: “In Appreciation of Your Esteemed Presence at HR House on Friday November 20 signifying a New Chapter and Path for IPM to tread towards the Northern Province of this Blessed Isle.”

Prof. K. Thevarajah was welcomed by Ajith R. De Costa, the Acting President IPMSL, Vice Presidents Maj Rohitha Amarapala, Air Cdr Rohitha Ranasinghe, Council Member C. Gannile, the CEO of IPM Dyan Seneviratne, the Director of Studies Mrs Kusum Salgado, the Deputy Director Finance and Admin P.G. Tennakoon, Senior Resource Person Mrs Lakshmi de Zoysa.

Prof K. Thevarajah was taken on a guided tour throughout the IPM building where he was particularly impressed with the array of precious and noteworthy books so beneficial for students and resource persons alike.

Prof Thevarajah was also shown the spacious study rooms and lecture/examination halls with its state-of-the-art facilities and later hosted at the impressive Members’ Lounge. The formal meeting took place in IPM’s stately Boardroom, chaired by Ajith De Costa, the Acting President. There was a lively exchange of ideas amongst those present.

Prof. K. Thevarajah, the Dean Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jaffna surprised many by his disclosure that in spite of the hardship, grief and torment the people of the North had to endure during the three decades of a protracted war, education was held paramount and therefore the University of Jaffna carried on sans any interruptions despite the tumultuous and violent environment.

This revelation only confirmed the tenacity and single-mindedness of the ‘Jaffna-Man’ when it comes to education nothing else matters literally!

Prof. Thavarajah also confirmed that there is a demand for expertise in Human Resource Management now that the entire complexion is fast changing in Jaffna Responding C. Gannile explained that the aforementioned reality was the reasons behind this initiative for the IPM to head North.

The Director Business School Mrs Kusum Salgado suggested that initially the IPM could conduct courses based on the Certificate in Human Resources [CCHRM] and that eventually a mechanism could be formulated to draw eminently suitable lecturers from University of Jaffna and the general area.

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